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Born in Eskisehir, Turkey, Kaan Duzarat is a 24 years old talented producer. He began to gain some more experience last year, when he started to work for the electronic music radio station Dinamo 103.8, from Istanbul. In parallel, he didn't neglect his dj activity, playing in lots of clubs from Turkey and UK. The "Organic Intellectual" 12inch is th upcoming release on Romanian label Only Records, which along with this release, also celebrates its debut. We wish them good luck and many other releases.

The Original Mix is on the A side, following to enjoy also on the flip a fresh and lovely remix from the Romanian producer Jay Wave. Therefore, the track starts slowly, with a coldish rhythm at the beginning but which gets warm during the play of the track. A few tribals confer a special effect, emphasizing the progressive rhythm. The synths flood into a place in order to give a profound and relaxing melodic line and sooner to brake into a wonderful break down, which simply amazes by its peaceful feeling. I always considered that break down and the part which follows next gives value to a progressive (but not only) track. I can strongly affirm that this track is certainly a precious track, that kind of melodic progressive which reminds me of so many other producers following this style. I won't name them here, because it will take too much space. Back to the release, after this fabulous break down, the melodic line powerfully begins, forming little particles of pleasure vibes, which, connected between them, explode, and this will surely go to the desired effect of the producer. After a genially composed melodic line, the synths discretely get lost, remaining the calm and silence from the beginning, for a subtle final.

Jay Wave is a Romanian dj and producer who soon will catch up the third decade of his life. After playing various styles of music, from techno, trance, he reached progressive house too, when the public started to vibrate on this genre. The present remix impressed very much, coming from a valorous Romanian producer on the progressive and break beat scene. We enter from the beginning into a deep and emotional break beat atmosphere, very melodic and sensitive. The melodic line starts to take shape from the beginning too, and during the length it assimilates various synths and riffs. After two minutes or so, we meet the real rhythm of the track, a perfect kick of break beat and a profound bass line, which forms an unedited melody. A few synths which vertiginously penetrate the listener's soul can be found also, trying the auditorium's sensitivity. After an exceptional break down, continued by a kind of downtempo, the rhythm starts again, storing many synths and melodic lines. And all is normally now, the sounds being eliminated one by one, for an end which let us a sweet taste in the mouth.

I'm not ending before mentioning that this release was aired on John Digweed 's Kiss 100 June show, which is indeed an honor not only for the producer but also for the label itself. Expect to hear only good things in future from Kaan Duzarat, a producer who has all the chances to start a brilliant musical career.

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Kaan Duzarat - Organic Intellectual


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September 2004


August 6, 2004 at 1:03 PM CEST


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