KVK - Reality Theory & Blisstered

KVK is the American duo project between Gordon Carpenter and Sean McClellan, whom launched together a new material on Bedrock Breaks, ulterior becoming an appreciated one and having support from famous djs; I would name here Anthony Pappa which featured the track "Reality Theory" on Balance 006 compilation. For those whom taste the melodic and very emotional break beat, we suggest to focus their attention on this release.

Literally charming, the track "Reality Theory" is a travel in a fantastic world, created by the two producers, a world of the melody which hypnotizes the listeners, infusing them an air of melancholic reverie. With an absolutely perfect beat pattern, the track intervenes with a melodic and sensible string, which provokes the hearing and enchants through its so pleasant and exquisite melody. After a break down where palpitate a few hihats like some heart beats, the tracks imparadises, if I can express like this. The same melodic line is kept almost on the entire track, some other synths intervening and bringing a breeze of new and freshly melody. The paradisiacal and delicious grooves induce pleasure to the listeners, culminating with the affective living.

Some more dynamic and intense, the flip side of the 12inch comes with "Blisstered", a hypnotic break beat which moves down the affective dimensions of sounds, suggesting mystery, secret, a kind of sensation exemplary to the insomniacs combined with fear. The short synths get lost in the atrocious and abstract bass line, and the grooves burst out on a somehow energetic rhythm. What actually lacks is that sensation of beauty, the track being based on other subject. There are few similarities too between the two tracks, especially regarding the kick, but the most important thing is that the tracks accost two different worlds, inspires different sensations in the listener's soul.

The melodic and atmospheric break down started to take by storm not only the market but also the clubs, being more and more adopted by djs and producers. A very good material, even unique, coming from Bedrock Breaks, which will adds up to the resistant tracks of this season, maybe even of this entire year.

A: Reality Theory (dub)
B: Blisstered

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KVK - Reality Theory & Blisstered


Bedrock Breaks


BB 07


June 25 2004


August 6, 2004 at 12:57 PM CEST


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