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Anthony Pappa is a dj who already acquired some experience in the last years in the electronic music domain, his style being situated somewhere in the melodic progressive house and break beat sphere. Balance 006 is mixed by himself, containing two cds with two different musical styles, the first being progressive and the other break beat.

If we go straight to the material, we find Luke Chable as being the opener of the breaks session, with the track "Into the Storm", a rework of the classic "After the Storm". An excellent track for starting a mix, with a delicate and profound melodic line. But off course, the things don't stop here, the mix continuing with Fretwell and "Faceless", which impresses by a calm and sweet rhythm. After an awesome break down, the track fades out for the next, namely "KVK – Reality Theory". The synths compose here an absolutely superb melodic line, meditative, by a profundity hard to express in words. The warm, smooth and magic atmosphere inspired not only by this track but also by the entire mix, makes the listener to enter in a sleepy world, in a space of reverie and of the epiphanies of love. After the incredible experience offered by Michael Lanning feat. Charity havens, Blue Haze asks for a moment of reflection, in the same sweet style of breaks. Prowling into sounds, we discover another veritable release, produced by Rhino, a rhythm quite much energetic, a lot nervous and abstract. "Underground Sound" composes the image of a dynamic and daring breaks tune, with less melody, giving to Michael Burns the charge of hypnotizing the auditorium. "Sunshine in my Shadows" appears with an exceptionally male vocal, which compose an amazing melodic line, which literally makes you fly when you're listening. With a lightly and deep melodic line, the track projects the music in the imaginary space of the listener, suggesting an ideal sound. Jacob Todd feat. Kevin Clark deny the reality with their release, "Nothing Is Real", continuing the spiritual travel into the breaks universe and reflecting a reality paradoxical opposed to the one we are living in. The most impressive thing here is the richness and the precision of sounds which captivate the listener. The artist who has his star in the ascendant, 22 years old, Chris salt, offers us a wonderful remix of Main Element and "Delta of Venus". The track especially enchants by its successful break down, which draws and has an amazing complexity of synths. The next track on this cd is a very energetic one, a remix which wakes up the listener, bringing him back to life: "Steve May – Open Day (Luke Chable Quakes & Craters Mix)", one of my favorite breaks track. Already well known, "Open Day" became a piece of resistance in the breaks world, and it can be catalogued in my opinion as one of the best tracks of this genre. Are we living in a dream? This is what I'm asking myself after I carefully listen this compilation, because the sounds seem to be unreal, coming from another planet. Chimera and the track "Natural High" brings back in front abstract sounds and melodic lines, which disappear little by little after the entrance of the track "Tutikinegi" produced by Slacker, which appears with a fresh wave of rhythms, very warm and optimistic. But in short time makes its appearance in a perfect fade the Shiloh group with the track full of live and dynamism, "Mana". Tilt vs. Quiver closes the first cd with an energetic and somber track, "I Know You're Afraid". And this is how is over the first part from Balance 006, almost 75 minutes of pure melodic and emotional breaks.

Anthony Pappa had a very good idea to embark in two cds two different styles. If the first cd is dominated by the breaks rhythm, the second one appears with a fine and mature progressive house. The second CD starts with Pavel Bidlo and the track "My Pills", for being eliminated in a short time by the Mara Mix of Rennie Pilgrem's track "Coming Up For Air", an energetic and enough abstract tune. The surprises are still coming, because the third on the list is Ozgur Can with "Connected", already much known for many of you. The unique style of Ozgur Can is transposed after a while very subtle on Dirty German feat. Mirko Meyer and and the track "Be Together (Main Pass)", a quite aggressive progressive tune, which will push to the limit the audio systems. The bass line is very somber, dark and brutal, suggesting a closed space, even terrific. The next track is already a famous single, very appreciated by the djs and also by the public too. Rhythm Unlimited already became a quality project, releasing after "Reflections" a new material, "All I Wanna Do", which is present here. The energetic rhythm rises up the level of this second cd, offering to the listener the opportunity to vibrate on progressive beats. Anthony Pappa innovates here with his crossing at the next track, Pig & Dan with "Basement", which after an awesome break down offers a place to the single "Our Prediction", produced by Moonface. From here the abstract sounds intervenes, populating a big part of the mix and inspiring in the listener's soul a kind of fear for unknown, a murkiness and a kind of pessimism. It's almost the same with the next track, "Deeper Inside" by MCCP. Really deep sounds, suggesting an obscure and limited space, an almost imperceptible melody giving powerful emotions. With a somber and energetic bass line, Musgrove & McGrath comes into scene with the track "Freak Out", being discovered this time some more melody, and at a given moment a really awesome melodic line, making the break down to shine. Quite sad, melancholic, the track brings a kind of nostalgia combined with an ineffable pain, suggesting a kind of inevitable end. John Graham & Jon Sutton rise up the atmosphere, giving much more energy and vitality to the mix, but contained here too by a complexity of abstractions. The melody appears only at Chris Salt, who introduces by his unique style the listener in a tame world, optimistic, and much lively. The synths which are used by Chris Salt compose a unique and complete melodic line, making from the track "Atmospheric Graffiti" a good enough single. With an amazing discography and high quality tracks released on prestigious labels, Ben Camp is for his age a very talented guy, who surely has an important word to say in the electronic music. The song "New World" present on Balance 006 appears with an impressive melody, containing a huge and astonishing break down, which gives a real pleasure to the listener. We could say that here the progressive session ends up, because the last track is somehow special, a kind of swift break beat, very concordant and melodic. Therefore, Shpongle and "Beija For" introduces the listener in a paradisiacal world, full of synths and melodies, all these in order to produce an exceptional song. It is also one of the longest tracks from this part of the compilation, having a funny terminal, powered by some Latino rhythms, which let a sweet taste in the listener's mouth.

We stop here Balance 006, but not before congratulating Anthony Pappa for providing us such a complex and successful compilation, which can make us vibrate. I tend to believe that progressive house and breaks are on the top of the listener's preferences. And this is why many djs and many materials square up to this musical genre.

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Anthony Pappa - Balance 006






August 2004


August 6, 2004 at 12:44 PM CEST


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