Carl Cox - Pure Intec

Carl Cox is for sure one of the founders and veterans of the techno style from the world. It's not about that kind of aggressive techno, which is embrassed by Dj Rush, Dave Clarke or Chris Liebing. His influences are various, from tech-house, house, to progressive house. But one thing is sure – the dj and the producer Carl Cox board an underground genre of music, succeeding to impose itself with a special style. Intec Records launches through the dj's mediation a new compilation, "Pure Intec", mixed by Carl Cox himself, a mix which contains a lot of house and techno beats and which breathes the air of the unbounded parties, making the listener to vibrate. Two cds are enough for Carl Cox to offer a unique sound, to amaze his fans and to do an excellent job.

The first cd starts suddenly, quickly introducing the listener in the electro atmosphere, through the track "Troisieme", produced by Oxia. A very energetic track, like the entire mix also, it contains a profound bass line, very suggestive and optimistic. After a melodic break down, the track restarts its rhythm, a dynamic and cruel one. Valentino Kanzyani and "House Of Soul (Dj Q remix)", the next track, is in the first half much aggressive than the previous track, much nervous, with a much accelerated and dense rhythm. Step by step make their appearance a few synths which calm down the atmosphere, transposing them very well on the rhythm. On the other half, the track gets a different way, unto an accelerated funky house, by the introduction of a continuous string. After this excellent track, Deetron and "Decipher Language" produce true sensations, with the help of a spicy bass line and some somber synths, all these on a crushing rhythm, which doesn't changes till the end of the track. Unto the end a simple melodic line appears and some new synths which help the track to maintain the audience's attention. Roger Watson tames the rhythm, offering new tribals, funky grooves, emotional break downs; an excellent funky house which includes also a pretty feminine vocal. After a short change, Brian Zentz and "Jumper" bring again the techno style in front, a track which impresses especially by its bass line. Carl Cox creates new techno atmospheres by tracks such as Trevor Rockcliffe with "Visions Of You (2004 remix)", Destination and "Definition Of Love" or Franssen vs. Lowdown – "Dead Man Talking". I noticed that a lot of the chosen producers for this compilation are not so known, Carl Cox trying thereby to promote the less known music of some talented new artists. We have to congratulate off course those whom are present on this material. But let's come back to our business. After a very well track produced by Smith & Selway, "Arrive", discreetly intervenes the well known Carl Cox' s remix of the track produced by Thomas and Filterheadz, "Sunshine". The vinyl is released for a while, being one of the most successful remixes of Carl Cox. Marco Bailey, a techno dj who doesn't need any introduction enchants us with an electro classic break beat, "Don't Leave The Drums". An emotional and melodic track, which creates spiritual spaces of the future, astonishes by the perfect kick together with the bass line. Speaking about spiritual spaces, Dj C1's production "Spiritual Man part 1", a nervous, thrilling and dynamic techno, presents to the listener a spiritual sound, also very simple, which can be found in a new shape on the other cd too. Deetron and the track "Miss Suave" end up this first cd, not before of offering to the listener new remarkable sounds and a melodic line enough touching, by some pleasant strings and some bizarre synths.

The second cd is fresh, begins all at once with Trevor Rockcliffe – "Freak!", a very interesting track, which deserves to be listened, because it brings a new bass line, forming a very dynamic and bouncing rhythm. The same is happening with the second track too, Leandro Gamez – "Bodyshaker", a bit much melodious, diminishing the madness effect produced by the first cd. We find here a really nice and mature melodic line, and this makes the track to be a base for this cd, and maybe for the entire compilation. Brian Zentz appears on this cd too, with a new sound, much dubious but very resistant, composed by a powerful and tough bass line and a few tribals and layers with a hypnotic effect. Renato Cohen's track which addles us the whole summer and made us dance many nights, "Pontape", is present here too, in a new shape, "Trevor Rockcliffe mentor remix". The dizzy and hypnotic bass line from the original version kept good, introducing new synths which transformed the track, I can pronounce if it's in good or in bad. Sure is that sounds well here too and I'm really glad that I remembered of this hit and of what I was feeling at that time. Oxia appears on this cd too with a techno track, which gets close to the original version of the previous. It is fascinating how an extraordinary bass line and a few synths can bewitch you, making you see the general music with different eyes, to understand what it was inaccessible until then. Same as the first cd, Valentino Kanzyani makes his appearance here, with a track alike that of the first cd, but which has a different rhythm, a different shape, but also conserving those discrete influences of funky house. And finally, Dj C1 makes the end of this cd and also of the entire compilation. The track is much calm, the sounds have a lower tonality, but the mix remains suspended, like in expecting for another part. Who knows, maybe Carl Cox is thinking of planning a new "Pure Intec" compilation.

This is how Carl Cox's cds looks "on the interior", and now that I finished my job here, I can calmly go in expectation for new albums to make us see the world with different eyes, to change all our prejudices regarding music, to balls up all the principles and criteria in choosing our favorite music.

Carl Cox - Pure Intec


Intec Records




June 2004


August 6, 2004 at 12:29 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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