Fade Records presents Audio Tour mixed by Chris Fortier

Chris Fortier is one of the persons who has drawn the bow up to the ear in the last years for promoting the progressive house musical genre. As the majority of the dj's, he is not that kind of person who shows his head, but this fact doesn't forbid us to remark his ability of creating sounds and then fascinating sets. "Audio Tour" is a compilation which gave to Chris the right to freely expose his musical tastes and which already became a reference mix for the industry. Launched on Fade Records, the compilation has 12 tracks, almost all being progressive house, and all these on a single cd.

In a warm and sweet rhythm, the mix starts with Motive and ABE (Original Mix), a track with a breaks rhythm, pretty enough, which contains also female vocals. In a short time everything gets calm entering a break down, and along with makes its appearance the next track, Descent with Tempura. A little more mature as the melodic line, the track brings the progressive house rhythm, and so the mix starts to evolve in better. After a cycle of pure progressive intervenes Woven with the track Solder (Seed Mix), a track which attract my attention by its special melodic line, containing twisted sounds and an irresistible bass line. The mix builds here a few bizarre tribals which give the impression of a frozen and obscure sound. The sounds become here symbols, suspending along with an unintelligible voice, but which creates a powerful emotion. The Alley Qats, one of the project of the talented Texas producers Derek Howell and Peter Martin, Talk To Me Goose – the rhythm is already changing, becomes more dynamic, but also more abstract, more scaring. The surprise of the track comes spontaneously, after a short entrance in the rhythm; for a few moments all changes, the track sounds like a downtempo, somewhere in the trip-hop sphere, for returning then back to the monstrous rhythm, with very brutal and rough synths, a melodic line which inspires only fear, or doesn't inspire anything – the problem is quite ambiguous here. Chris Micali succeeds to introduce the listener in the progressive atmosphere, with a perfect kick belonging to a quality track, L' Evasion. Next it follows an extremely profound sound, special, which certainly brings a rift on the mix; Scott McFadyen – G In Your Glow imposes itself by the full of effects strings, continuous and opened, prevailing the hihats, transposed on an interesting melodic line. The next track contains the unique sound of the producer Steve Porter, this time with his mate, Chris Reavey. Oyster Crackers comes with a heavy bass line, with an obsessive rhythm and not too much affective implication. A loaded track, valorous, but with no innovations. I'm still thinking what I could say about the next track, since nothing comes in my mind. A rhythm as much heavy, tough, even aggressive, as the previous; D – Shake produces an hypnotic effect, through the stunning string's continuity, which almost doesn't let you breathe. A powerful break down which respires life through all its sounds, introduces the track into a mad world, a space which darkens the ration. With a very dark and brutal rhythm, the track can truly be tasted at a party. After the trance, Chris Fortier introduces a personal sound, Whateveritis. The funky piano calms down the atmosphere, which was becoming pretty hot after the previous track, producing a pleasant sensation to the listener. Fade – So Good (Lifter Mix) brings sounds of an elevated level, not only somber, paltry, but also complicated, sweet and calm. On the eve of the break down I discovered a gimlet melodic line, which really is impressive. The last track wich ends the studio work of the dj Chris Fortier is Fade – Separation (remix), a pure electronic and futuristic track. The first thing that came into my mind when I listened to this track (maybe it looks like a stupidity but I take the risks to say it) it was the glass; yes, glass, that useful material to the people, glass of any type. The continuous bass line succeeds to absorb almost the whole track, excepting the break down off course. And so closes up another compilation which will surely remember to the people of Chris Fortier.

At the end of all these things, we are asking ourselves, or this is what we should do: and with what helps me this, with what influences my destiny, my existence, this new material? I'm not sure I can give a certain answer, to satisfy many persons. Maybe with nothing, if you didn't succeed to extract something well, which can help you. But instead of this, you can think at something else. Try to imagine that the biggest evil that could happen to you is just one – that of being born deaf, or even worst, that of not being born.

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Fade Records presents Audio Tour mixed by Chris Fortier


Fade Records



April 27 2004


August 6, 2004 at 12:11 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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