Sasha - GU Involver

I assume the risk to say that Sasha is the best remixer of the moment. And the present CD here fully demonstrates this fact. Sasha is considered for a few years a kind of phenomena, a wonder-person who succeeded in radically changing the electronic music industry. It has been "Airdrawndagger", an album received with lots of enthusiasm by the public, it has been and there still are a lot of gigs where Sasha demonstrates his skills in music. And now it is "Involver". The best dj's know that mixing is first about being able to understand and read people and then the ability to express by their music what they earned from the experience in communicating with people. This capacity to capture sounds on a general - universal level is noticed on this album too, a cd which contains ten tracks mixed, edited and remixed by Sasha. During almost 80 minutes we will enter together a fascinating world, where you have all the chances to fall in love with the sounds, the melody, the beats.

Therefore, the cd gets opened by a futuristic rhythm, which covers tough but also warm sounds, plus an exceptional voice. "Grand National - Talk Amongst Yourselves" is the track which Sasha opens up his mix with, a very pleasant track, with a warm and very slow rhythm, which gets closer by a downtempo a little more daring. The meditative melodic line prepares the listener for a new world, an experience which could be called later what can be the best of the world of sounds. After the respective track, which can also be considered an introduction, it is Shpongle and "Dorset Perception" next, an accumulation of break beat rhythms, which makes the body to shake, reanimates, and gives the impression of a totally control of sounds. As a matter of act the track sounds very well, it opens the break beat session, which Sasha feels so attached to. At a given moment the track takes an aspect of funky, by the introduction of some straggling synths, but everything gets lost when appears a vocal (I'm not so sure if it is masculine or feminine, maybe both), which makes the breakdown, along with the guitar, to shine. On a quiet fond, almost in silence, makes the appearance the track of a young up and coming producer who already takes wings from the Border Community studio. It is about Petter and his track "These Days", off course, reworked by Sasha. The mix continues its break beat way with Unkle and the track "What Are You To Me". We can find here new melodic lines, on which is transposed pretty nice a masculine vocal; it is interesting the fact that Sasha continues a part of Petter's track here too, perfectly transposing it on Unkle's song. A track which came into notice and which I found it one of the most expressive and melodious from this album is the next track after Unkle, "Smile" by The Youngsters. With classic break beat kick, "Smile" contains a vocal by an extraordinary melody. The short and tough synths are transposed on smooth and sweet strings, resulting a super track which will surely capture your soul. After this excellent track, comes in the headline Spooky with the track "Belong". From this moment, the mix changes somehow the trajectory, following the progressive path. Coming up next, it is the well known track by Unkle, "In A State", a track that went down a bomb even since the end of the last year and the beginning of this year. It is for sure one of the projects which James Lavelle can be proud with, but which has on this album a short enough space required. Lostep and the track "Burma" opens up again the break beat atmosphere, this time a little more alive. Another forte track, of value, coming from a talented artist and filtered by another one much talented. Felix Da Housecat offers a quite different sound, much dynamic, less melodious that the previous and let's say, much nervous. It is what makes the public to move, the vivacity which was actually missing till now. An innovative cross fading, exceptionally, is made between this track and the one which closes almost 80 minutes of electronic spirit. Ulrich Schnauss and the track "On My Own" is a kind of break beat, but very dynamic, even aggressive I could say, a track which will truly make the body to move and to vibrate on the rhythm. And so, the master in producing electronic high quality tunes succeeded in surveying many rhythms, many musical genres, many sounds.

"Involver" is an album which won't be forgotten too quickly and too easily, especially if we allow for the fact that those ten tracks have been filtered by Sasha's own style. The artist proves once again with this album that his music has always reached beyond those limits imposed by a certain musical style, thus separating him from his contemporaries. He creates music that gives emotion a chance to speak, this being the universal appeal for the sensibility and imagination of his fans. I said imagination, yes, because he creates by his music images, real images, and not only sounds.

Sasha - GU Involver


Global Underground



June 14 2004


July 12, 2004 at 12:41 AM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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