Brahma featuring Jillian Kiggins - Peaks Of Destiny (remixes)

The third release of Toes In The Sand is made of two another mixes of "Peaks Of Destiny", more somber and darken tracks then the original and Naveen G mixes.

The disc opens with "Deviant Mix", from the label owner himself, Deviant. This time is only progressive house, the track creating a dark and closed universe, simple and limited, which doesn't let you go out. After a step by step commencement, we can discover a very somber and closed bass line, by a very low tonality. The surprise comes when the break down is entering, a formidable one in my opinion, with an awful musicality and a primitive deepness. The track is adapted this time too, to a personal artistic code, and the result is a very good creation.

Jas makes an all at once beginning on his remix, keeping the listener guessing for almost one minute and a half, while he prepares the tools for the hypnotic trance introduction. The sounds appear one by one, every time in a new and fresh shape, dominating a drowsy and slow rhythm, but very somber, darken, since the elements are in their majority somber and bizarre, and don't produce too much emotion. The voice becomes hypnotic by its recurrence on almost the entire track. An 100% for club track I would say. It can be intuited this group's preference for abstract, for obscure, for darken, for the diminution of the contact between the humanity and the reality itself.

It's pretty hard to decide on what version of "Peaks Of Destiny" is the best, because every track brings something new, it awakes different sensations in the listener's soul. So I let you to decide, after you'll listen to the material. Anyway, I really hope that we'll hear some many projects as this one from Brahma in the future.

Brahma featuring Jillian Kiggins - Peaks Of Destiny (remixes)


Toes in the Sand Recordings




July 2004


July 12, 2004 at 12:37 AM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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