Brahma featuring Jillian Kiggins - Peaks Of Destiny

Toes in the Sand Recordings is a label from Cleveland, Ohio, which recently started its activity and specializing itself on progressive house and progressive breaks releases, also receiving support from well known dj's as Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, Sandra Collins, Jerry Bonham, Casey Taylor, Fred Numf etc. The ambitious label has just launched a team called Brahma (Michael Lanning si Chris Conner). "Peaks of Destiny" and "Even Flow" are the first tracks released by the two producers. We will take in hand the release "Peaks Of Destiny", which has, beside the original track, three other remixes, coming from valuable producers, Naveen G, Deviant and Jas.

On the A side is "Original Mix" of "Peaks Of Destiny", a progressive track which sounds well enough. I especially enjoyed a few synths exposed by the two producers from Brahma. The tune starts calmly, simply, with a basic progressive house kick, with some breaks elements, and then contouring the bass line's shapes and soon after the melodic line, which I have to say it's a mature one, worked with precision and choicely, in order to produce in the listener's soul a pleasant sensation, of relaxation and delight. The melody has a tent of melancholy, of sad meditation, of subtle wistfulness. The strings are professionally formed, being long, with the fingerprints of the echo, delay and reverb effects, which improves the quality of the sound. The track still has a surprise, it is about the soloist's vocal Jillian Kiggins, who operates inside the listener, touching his sensibility.

"Naveen G Mix" is a well combination between progressive and breaks, in order to result a very well remix. Naveen G takes over a few of the original version elements, among with the vocal too, which modifies it, adapting it to its own musical style. Thereby, the track comes with new effects and synths, with long, tough and somber strings, creating thus a new and absolutely great melodic line. The song soars in mystery, inspiring feelings of fear, since the new general melodic line expresses feelings of different nature than the original one. Here it could be an abstraction of the elements, a terrific obscurity which comes from the bosom of the human soul.

A: Original
B: Naveen G Mix

Brahma featuring Jillian Kiggins - Peaks Of Destiny


Toes in the Sand Recordings




July 2004


July 12, 2004 at 12:28 AM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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