Tarik Alj - Frosted Tea EP

Infamous Light Recordings is a new digital record label releasing techno/house music. The first release from PJ received support from the likes of Cass, James Zabiela, and Tyler Stadius. The second release is from newcomer Tarik Alj from Canada, this is his debut release titled the "Frosted Tea EP".

The first track "March" starts of with a minimal groove before a break is introduced with cut-up micro vocal samples, the track then continues with moody emotive background pads  would fit perfectly in a warm-up dj set. "Funeste" is up next, this track has an enormous bass hook that will devastate the most powerful of sound systems. "Funeste" has also been reportedly offered placement in an upcoming UK compilation cd. "Ketouk" has another storming bassline and some spooky synth riffs. The final track "Neige" has a much darker quirky feel to it, and is filled with some twisted acid sounds.

This is a great release for Infamous Light. Tarik's productions are minimal in style, but all are done in a very intelligent way that should appeal to many djs.

Tarik Alj - Frosted Tea EP


Infamous Light Recordings


ILR 002


July 2004


July 12, 2004 at 12:13 AM CEST



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