Nathan Fake - Watlington Street EP

Nathan Fake is a talented producer, who remarked himself with his unique style, somewhere around tech-house and techno. His new EP "Warlington Street EP" has been released on Satoshi Tomie's famous label, Saw Recordings. The double vinyl contains five tracks, three tech-house and techno, one drum & bass with a literally mad rhythm, and the last a kind of downtempo, that kind of songs which make you sleep very well.

The A1 side contains "Adamedge", quality tech-house, a very dynamic track indeed. The bass line enters gradually, little by little, along with it making its appearance the real rhythm too; I noticed on several releases by Nathan Fake a preference for accelerated heats, so many and prominently arranged. After the entrance in the rhythm which makes anything to vibrate, intervenes quickly enough a break down which brings new the melodic line too, as a matter of act pretty simple, but very abstract, composed only by a kind of synths. After the repossession of the rhythm a string which extends and modifies a little the melody of the track intervenes, backing up the dynamism. Soon after, the sounds get wasted one by one, at the end the kick remaining the basic element for closing up the track.

The most resistant track on this release is in my opinion "Bored Of House", a tech-house track with a perfect kick, very sweet and a bass line which also opens the track, continuing it during its playing. Maybe is the track which also suggests some more things than the other tracks, since the melodic line appears much nicely, even very mature and expressive I could say. We find here too the producer's preference for prominent hihats with a fully presence. I discovered no pure break down on this track, only that at a given moment the kick and the bass line take its toll. However, it is an appreciated track for the tech-house music industry.

The second disc comes with the track "Underberg", track which goes a lot to techno, I could say a pretty aggressive techno style. It succeeds in imposing itself through a dement rhythm and an apart and special melodic line. The track fully inspires energy, a powerful vital force and the effects introduced really are touching. The break down calms the spirit, but this is happening only for a short time, because the rhythm immediately retakes its activity of body crushing.

The last part of the second vinyl here brings two so very different tunes, that is quite difficult to listen to it one after the other. An absolute dement and sick rhythm, which can drives you crazy, can be observed on the tune "Overdraft". With a scaring melody, the track seems to have the needle, it is absolutely massive, powerful, and I'm sure it will go down a bomb at parties. About the other track, "Peary Land", I reserve my right to say that it's all that can be much calm and peacefully, more relaxing and somnolent in music. With an extended melodic line which gets modified but with the same sounds, "Peary Land" appears as a treatment against the stress, suggesting a feeling of self-abandonment, of denying this reality.

A new material which surely makes the label Saw Recordings very proud is now out, and I'm sure it will be appreciated on its true value, not only by the ordinary public, but also by those whom make it "moving", the dj's.

A1: Adamedge
B1: Bored Of House
C1: Underberg
D1: Overdraft
D2: Peary Land

Nathan Fake - Watlington Street EP


Saw Recordings


SAW 32


May 29 2004


July 12, 2004 at 12:04 AM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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