Petter - Six Songs EP

The prestigious label Border Community has released at the end of May a new material from one of the youngest artists of the electronic music scene. Petter is a talented producer just 19 years old, coming from Stockholm, Sweden. For those whom are not very familiar with this name, I can tell you that one of his tracks (namely "These Days") has been included on Sasha's new album, "Involver". "Six Songs EP" has, as the title suggests too, six tracks with different styles, from tech trance to tech house. His musical talent has been exploited hard enough on this double vinyl, in order to produce high quality music.

The first disc starts with the track "All Together", a symphonic tech trance, where can be discovered the unique and special sound of the Border Community's studio. The track has precedence by abstract, by diverse and rambling sounds, simulation of some distortions, by a variety of confuse sounds, where the melody becomes an obsessive element to Petter; the melody is here less usual, a melody which you don't have the chance to meet everyday, Petter creating thus a music of the inner space, the subconscious, a music which inspires moods of anxiety, melancholy, but also enthusiasm, joy, emotion. "All Together" is a futuristic track, the diverse and permanently changing melodic line having a hypnotic effect, arousing states of ineffable fear. As for the rest, the bass line is extraordinary, creating a staggering rhythm, which will surely have success on public.

Maybe the most interesting and fluky track of this material is "Left Turned". With an unedited beginning which draws near an evolved downtempo, the track flies from a melodic line to other and the bass line gets contour only after the half of the track. Genially passing in, the synths create powerful images, producing emotions. The track has an obvious affective substratum, entering all at once and almost forced in the listener's mind. The breakdowns are shorts, the rhythm is changing during the entire play of the track. The mysterious sounds are somber, producing an extraordinary melodic line, abstract, very complicated and evolved.

"Dica Drive" is a typical tech-house, with no affective and emotional implication, where dominates the kick and the bass line. It is worthy of note that the bass line is a continuous one, hypnotic, being annulled just on a few musical parts. The track also contains a frequently present synth, which makes its appearance almost on the entire song. For the end, the rhythm gets changed, taking the shape of a break beat, which closes the track.

Another exceptional track on this material is "Modern Eternity", the first track on the second disc, a style which is similar with the French producer Agoria. The melodic line is warmer, more relaxing, inspiring a mood of calm, at a given moment even a kind of euphoria. Nine minutes of subtle melody and profundity not too accessible to all will make the listener to fall in love with the Petter's music. The sounds are arranged at variance with the rhythm, like in almost all Petter's tracks on this release, they appear disparately, with diaphanous tonalities.

It follows up an incredible break beat, with a lush and fresh melody: "Tone Diary" is the result of a deep strife of getting out of normal, of ordinary, which also has been completely succeeded. It is one of my favorite tunes, which I think it offers some certitude upon the fact that music is permanently changing. The rhythm is very sweet, innovative, and the composing synths all I can say is that I'm out of words. Exceptional is besides this the fluidity of the melody, sighting out a self-abandonment.

Finally, what closes the tech house session is the extraordinary track "My Pretty Guitar". We find here pure melody and emotion, with no rhythm, just a mind hallucination, strong emotions incited by an extremely profound subtle and dainty melody.

"Six Songs EP" is a proof that music will never stop on a single style, will always be in a continuously transformation; off course, this is possible as long as will exist artists to regenerate the sound, to change it.

A1: All Together
B1: Left Turned
B2: Dica Drive
C1: Modern Eternity
D1: Tone Diary
D2: My Pretty Guitar

Petter - Six Songs EP


Border Community


05 BC


May 24 2004


July 11, 2004 at 11:52 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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