Soul Tan & Tone Depth feat. Stephanie Vezina - Broken

The prolific Canadian duo Sultan & ToneDepth (aka The Greek) released on G-Pal's Swift Records a new material, called "Broken", appearing on the vinyl as two distinct versions, one is pure melodic progressive and the other is breaks.

The "Original Mix" from the A side is the progressive version of "Broken", surely a very appreciated track by the djs, maybe getting more attention from up and coming djs. Both guitarists, Sultan and The Greek succeeded in introducing on this track an extraordinary melodic line, such sounds which indeed makes the listeners to vibrate. The track starts calmly, in a progressive mood, the sounds being introduced little by little. In the first half we meet a very ambiguous and somber bass line, Stephanie Vezina's expressive vocals, and a slow and drowsy rhythm, which induces a somnolence mood, relaxing from hub to tire not only the body but also the soul, the entire conscience of the one who is listening. Until the breakdown the things don't change, but after that, it is introduced a formidable guitar sound which composes a dizzy melodic line, unique, which repeats almost till the end. Getting back, the rhythm looks a little more vivacious, a few sounds are annihilated in favor for other, and all end up by a discreet closing up of the sounds, remaining on the top the bass line, just like in the beginning. By an extraordinary inspiration, the duo has "broken" the audience's sensibility with this amazing and melodious track.

The remix produced by Jiva, which is formed by Ned from Digital witchcraft and Sultan himself, Jiva's Inner Life mix is however more lively, more dynamic, the breaks being the chosen style to relieve the superb melodic line. The track starts in strength, with the unequalled kick of breaks style and a bass line by a low tonality which introduces in the listener's soul a sensation of freshness, of joy. The breakdown is long, hypnotic, the voice being present here too – I must confess that the lyrics are incredible, containing an extraordinary deepness and subtlety. A track indeed beautiful (I don't like this word, but I can't find another one more appropriate for the moment), "Broken" imposes itself in the first instance, on the breaks version too, by the astonishing melodic line of the guitar. I'm sure there are some more arguments to prove the quality of the track, but I stop here, not before I should mention that personally, I find this track a little much fluky than the original mix, Jiva working hard on a massive and complicated melodic line, which evolves from a few base sounds into something huge, by a profundity absolutely amazing.

"Broken" will certainly become a piece of resistance in the progressive and breaks industry. The summer came out, and along with it, a series of new successful materials has been put out, hoping that we will hear soon some more surprising releases from these two talented guys, all I can say to them is cheers!

Soul Tan & Tone Depth feat. Stephanie Vezina - Broken


Swift Records




May 18 2004


July 11, 2004 at 11:33 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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