Joris Voorn - Lost Memories Pt.2

The 10th release of Technasia's famous Sino Label shows the skills of the emerging talent Joris Voorn. The man from Rotterdam is said to be one of the most interesting upcoming talents in the techno scene. Before Joris Voorn started his DJ career, he worked as a booker and party promoter. In 2000 he decided to spend more time behind the drumcomputers to produce his own tracks. The most of them were released on the Keynote Label, which is a post-detroit label from the Netherlands. Voorn's success shows, that this was a good step. You can find his tracks in the playlists of all the big Techno DJs.

The second part of Voorn's lost memories series is another proof, that he is able to produce up-to-date techno tunes with energetic beats. The A-side contains "Incident", a hard floortrack with tribal elements and voice fragments that ends in an oldschool discopianoinferno. It's a track full of dramaturgy and Joris Voorn understands how to put all the elements in perspective. I think that this tune is able to evoke nice emotions in the listener and this may be a reason why it will be a big hymn at some of the techno-festivals in summer.

The second track "Shining" is quite different from "Incident". Though it as energetic as the a-side, it sounds much colder and ambiguous. This is tool-techno to the core and it reminds me of some old Kanzleramt or Music Man tracks, although it hasn't the charm of them. Nevertheless "Shining" is a well produced track with lots of energy in it, but there's a good reason, why it's on side b.

In my opinion Joris Voorn released much better records over the years, but "Incident" is definitely one of my favourite tracks this month.

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Joris Voorn - Lost Memories Pt.2




SINO 010


May 17 2004


June 15, 2004 at 2:12 PM CEST



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