Niki B & Christian EFFE - Behind The Fame (There Is A Person)

The upcoming material on Satoshi Tomiie's Saw Recordings label is produced by the new talented Italian duo Niki B & Christian E.F.F.E., called "Behind The Fame (There Is A Person)" a track which will get lot of assessment and consideration from the dj's worldwide and also from the crowd.

Of the 100% for club persuasion, the track contains a very expressive male vocal and inwardly, it doesn't hide too much melody, since is axed on a powerful bass line, keeping up on the entire song. A few bizarre and hard discernible, somber synths and a profound breakdown bring a sensation of contentment, providing a sense of somnolence, the male vocals interfering seldom enough. The bassline builds up and it awakes you, quite quickly, and it guides you trough the second breakdown of the song, making this time a shorter appearance then the previous.

The upcoming release on SAW it's a special one sided single, another quality track from the Italian guys, who already have strong releases on Swift, Presslab, Pure Substance and others; "Behind The Fame (There Is A Person)" is perfect for a night in the club, adding another entry on their stream of productions

Niki B & Christian EFFE - Behind The Fame (There Is A Person)


Saw Recordings


SAW 33


July 5 2004


June 15, 2004 at 2:21 PM CEST


Andrei Rusu

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