Blast Furnace vs Lynx - New Beginnings

The offshot label of Source of Gravity, Gravitation Records is presenting a new collaboration for this summer season, two guys whom in my opinion start to polish up a special style in their productions: Chris Sterio and Steve McGrath. The release contains three tracks, and among them a remix of the track "New Beginnings" made by the Hungarian producer Gabor Baki aka Andro.

The A-side opens up with the Original Mix of "New Beginnings", a mousy track, with many obscure elements and sounds, which confer an aspect of tribal house combined with progressive. The track starts simple, the sounds being added gradually. After a short introduction in the style, we discover the bass line, very well-rounded and cold, which encloses a continuous sound giving a hypnotic effect. The break-downs are long, actually very long, the track as an assembly having only a few elements featured. Many frames of mind are walking through my soul, but I think what develops this track is the bizarre and an indescribable fear. The elements are repeating themselves, the sounds are the same on the entire track, but the break-downs are what save the track, succeeding to maintain the listener's attention. It can also be incorporated here a little bit of tech-house, since there are a few specific elements which approach the track to this style. A cold, dark and sombre sound, with an impressive hypnotic effect.

Lynx brings up an exceptional downtempo, but as sombre and tremendous as the previous. "Rainbow", the other track on this side, is a new experience, the release getting out through the expressivity of the synths introduced, which are a little bit more various and many than the precedent track. A meditative product, the sounds are aligned and well-rounded such as to give an effect of interior silence on a side, and on the other side, of anxiety and obscurity. The silence decreases itself until pass into nothingness. "Unlock" your ears, 'cause they will share something unique.

On the flipside we find Andro's 34 degree Remix of "New Beginnings", a track somehow much driving. The remix is a progressive track having introduced discretely a few tribals, in order to produce an elegant effect. The rhythm is accurate, by an extraordinary concision, being also the dominant part of the track. The break-downs are shorter than those on the Original Mix, and that hypnotic effect is present here too, through another sound by an unusual continuity. Is not that kind of music which you can listen free in the morning drinking your coffee, because it can put you in full flight, it can give you some unusual experiences, which are not quite properly to start your day with. Like on the original version, the sounds are abstract and innovate through novelty.

Two tracks for night club and a downtempo for the pure pleasure of soul – this is what contains the new material from Gravitation label. In conclusion, there is one more idea that should be mentioned; I've noticed (and not only on this material) that the accent doesn't go anymore on the melodic line, on the melody, on the linear exposure of feelings through music. The novelty consists in this escape from the formality, from the ordinary, the distinction by something unique, something that has never been produced till now. The less melody, the better; I speak here about this genre of music, which has succeed in diminishing the melody, even to eliminate it sometimes, in order to express the bizarre, the sober, the abstract, what makes you see the things different then they were before. And this should be the 21st century music?

A1: Blast Furnace vs. Lynx - New Beginnings (Original Mix)
A2: Lynx - Rainbow
AA1: Blast Furnace vs. Lynx - New Beginnings (Andro's 34 degree Remix)

Blast Furnace vs Lynx - New Beginnings




GRAV 014


June 21 2004


June 15, 2004 at 2:18 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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