Ben Camp - Syndrome & Burial Ground

The young American producer Ben Camp has, at the age of 20, a certain experience regarding the electronic music. Among the label Fade (where he launched "Kubist" and "Movim", Silver Planet Recordings releases a new vinyl from Ben Camp, "Syndrome/Burial Ground". I'm not sure what causes the departure of such a pessimistic and darken vision; I just can say the two tracks from this vinyl sound very nice.

The a-side brings the track "Syndrome", a kind of tribal house, a congestion of bass lines and beastly tribals. Relative simple, the track enchants through its unique rhythm, which makes me think about those pagan rituals and those mystic births. A fusion of sounds interlaid with some feeble and almost imperceptible synths, are making by this track a reason to understand some obscure things. Approaching a myth, the track really becomes a syndrome, because at a given moment you feel you're loosing your mind. We don't have to listen too carefully the track, because we will completely swamp in the mystic, primitive, ferocious and darken atmosphere. An impressive track, the elements are repeated on the entire tune, having a hypnotic effect. It is a track enough pessimistic, which accosts a less known theme, namely the archaic way of thinking by rule that the man is made – he doesn't make him alone.

"Burial Ground" covers the flip side, a quite delicate track, a more sublime and cute one. That aggression and the lack of gracefulness are eliminated, being substituted by some nice and calm progressive beats. The dynamic rhythm doesn't decrease, perceiving on the entire track. But instead the track brings much more melody, is much profound from this point of view. The melodic line still suggests senses of sadness, melancholy and dizziness. At the end, when the melodic line is enhanced, the aggression is eliminated for good, taking place a pure melody.

From two different points of view, the both tracks, even if they sound different, are quality and impressive. I situate the a-side on the first plan for parties, while the flip side you listen at home, in intimacy. Surprising release, all we can do is wish good luck in his future career to the young Ben Camp.

Ben Camp - Syndrome & Burial Ground


Silver Planet




June 07 2004


May 26, 2004 at 1:10 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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