Steve Porter - Vodka Cranberries

Steve Porter has just finished a successful project, which is intended to launch on the new established label Nu Republic, as their debut release. It is about the "Vodka Cranberries" vinyl, made by two versions, "Original Mix" and "Fretwell Mix.

On the a-side comes into the picture the Original Mix, a super progressive, by a superior quality by the other tracks made by Porter. Therefore, the track starts with a melodic line combined with a playful and warm bass line, which will be met on the entire single. The rhythm confers a sensation of wistfulness confounded in a kind of emotion. There is also a profundity hard to explain in the melodic line little simple. An "useful" track, not only for the body but also for the soul, "Vodka Cranberries" is described as a matter of act by an euphoria; a kind of imperceptible and inexplicable joy, with no reason, it takes you when you listen to the song. Short break-downs, with new synths which are keeping till the end, soft and smooth strings and a repetitive melodic line, with an hypnotic effect – these are just a few elements, which in contrast with Steve Porter's last productions, are containing many emotional senses.

Fretwell Mix opens a new break-beat combined with chill session. Do you know for sure that some things have some scarcity elements, which are giving the impression of going down in value; more exactly, if I mean Porter's case, is not felt the need for some vocals, because the track is already full of melody. At a closer look, can be discovered those riffs and those synths which are making the track to shine. The melodic line is re-engaged, but transformed and adapted to the break-beat style. You don't need much time to fall in love with this track; I think not only this track, but the entire vinyl, doesn't have goal public, wise, but quickly enough can "infatuate". All you need is an aesthetic sense and a taste very elevated, evolved and profound. Back to the remix, I discovered in the melody an exceptionally force to penetrate the mind space, and how the track has a futurist facture; will transport the listener into a flat and modern universe, of the future.

I'm waiting out of breath the launch of this vinyl, probably as many of you. And about the title, I can only show my esteem and consideration for the artist's product, and who knows, maybe he really loves the vodka cranberries.

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Steve Porter - Vodka Cranberries


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June 07 2004


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