Dave Clarke - Just Ride

After Technasia, LFO, DJ Sneak and Blackstrobe, James Ruskin is the next producer, who gets the honor to remix a track of Dave Clarks masterpiece "Devil's Advocate". Mr. Clarke asked
the Blueprint- and Coda-Labelowner Ruskin to do two Remixes of his "Just Ride", a powerfull detroitish Track with MC-Shouts and clinking hi-hats. James Ruskin is one of the most popular producers and remixers in the English (industrial) techno scene.

He released on labels like Tresor, Meta, Surface and Dynamic tension and worked together with Surgeon, Oliver Ho and Richard Polson. He also remixed tracks by Tim Baker, Chris Liebing and Trackman. In his biography I read Ruskin started off with Hip-Hop and maybe that's the reason why Clarke chose him to remix "Just Ride" that combines Detroit-Techno with Hip-Hop-elements.

Ruskin's first Interpretation, the so called Re-Edit, is quite similar to the original Track, but it starts off more aggressive. Ruskin takes the loop of Dave Clarke and focuses on the percussions. He also adds another loop to it that rotates in the background. Finally energetic breaks turn the track into a mean techno-stomper, which will drive many ravers into madness. But in my opinion, the second remix James Ruskin made is even better than the first one. The Blueprint Mix shows Ruskin's ability to transform pressure and power into sound. It reminds me of some Regis records that also use energetic loops and hard industrial-like percussions. Dave Clarke's sounds only have an under part in this interpretation. Ruskin cuts the original arrangement into small pieces and buries them under tons of percussions and heavyweight loops. Good music to get rid of some aggressions.

A1. Just Ride (12" Version)
B1. Just Ride (James Ruskin Re-Edit)
B2. Just Ride (James Ruskin Blueprint-Mix)

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May 17 2004


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