Fabrice Lig - My 4 Stars

Fabrice Lig aka Soul Designer is one of the busiest producers in techno scene. After numerous releases on international labels like F-Com, KMS and Raygun, his new Longplayer "My 4 Stars" is realeased on Heiko Laux's Kanzleramt Label, which is based in Berlin. At the moment the man from Belgium seems to be everybody's darling. Even Mike Banks, the head of the Underground Resistance Crew, loves Lig's Detroit influenced style, what is astonishing.

With "My 4 Stars" Fabrice Lig presents an album, which is not a typical Kanzleramt record. In contrast to releases by Alexander Kowalski, Diego and Johannes Heil, Lig concentrates on sophisticated melodies and accords. In an interview he said, he's not interested in reproducing the style of a label, he just wants his music to sound like Fabrice Lig. Although all tracks were produced in winter 03/04, they sound like the perfect soundtrack for a warm spring day. This man is able to pack warmth in music that was produced with cold analog machines without any feelings. Beautiful strings alternate with relaxed beats, that sounds as if they were programmed by a man, that fell in love with a girl 10 minutes ago. Some tracks remind me of Metro Area stuff, what obviously was a big influence on Mr. Lig. But this is neither house nor techno, he calls it "in between". I think that's the best description for his music and both house and techno fans will love this album.

To me it's the best Fabrice Lig record and it's one of my favorite albums 2004 so far. 10 of 10 points for this outstanding record by an outstanding producer, who is able to connect Detroit music with soulful melodies and accords. mh

01 - My 4 Stars Theme
02 - In My Arms
03 - Los Picaros (Album Version)
04 - Sleep Baby Sweet
05 - Back To Tha D
06 - My 4 Stars (cd only)
07 - In My Arms (Naïve Jazz Mix)
08 - Golden Instants
09 - My Old Friend
10 - Wait For March

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Fabrice Lig - My 4 Stars






April 30 2004


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