Woven - Solder Me

Under the Woven banner, Chris Fortier's Fade Records releases a new artifact called "Solder Me", bringing two inedited remixes from Chris Fortier and Ben Camp. Totally three tracks ("Seed Mix" is also present here), this vinyl is an unique and extraordinary experience; I can say I rewind several times the tracks, the Seed mix being what appealed me the most, in my opinion the greatest element of this release.

On the a-side is "Seed Mix", the track that opened my eyes and my mind in front of a space, apparently closed, obscure. The track contains an expressive melodic line, with an aerial male vocal, combined with a delicate rhythm, by a profound calm and a dizzy inside peace. The melody comes gradually and it blends with the bass line, composing a complete track, from all points of view. As a "critic", I appreciate the track's effects with honesty, accentuating that the internal joys and glooms are founding the transfiguration in the musical note cultivated with eagerly.

Ben Camp's remix intervenes much spontaneously, creating much more movement and vivacity, having more dynamism in itself. The young artist announces himself already as a big talent, imposing easily an apart and original style. Very fluky remix, by way of exception, it contributes heavily to this vinyl.

Another remix comes from Chris Fortier, a much flat track, much prosaic which keeps somehow the drowsiness and profundity of the "Seed Mix". Who conceives such a track, dissects as a surgeon the organism already constituted to divulge the embodiment, to value his pulse, to judge his metabolism. The remix transfers to the listener ideas specifically to his imagination, with an epic substratum, unpredictable and fascinating. The artist is fitted with a real skill for music, is a possessor of intelligence and a capacity of intuition altogether unusual.

Personally, I haven't missed any occasion to confess my admiration for artists such as these, suppliers of profound feelings transposed in the shape of sounds. These tracks are reference points in progressive and tech house music, for the receiving and understanding the musical art in some of its essential moments.

A: Solder Me (Seed remix)
B1. Solder Me (Ben Camp remix)
B2. Solder Me (Chris Fortier edit)

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Woven - Solder Me


Fade Records


FD 038


April 02 2004


May 13, 2004 at 9:43 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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