Powerplant - Blame

Kiki Stewardson and John Morgan are two guys from Vancouver, Canada, those who initiated the Powerplant project. Simple called "Blame", this vinyl is being constituted from two progressive and deep house tracks, very driving and perfect for night clubs. Beside the original version of the track, there is also present the unique sound of the master in electronic sounds, Luke Chable, in a remix absolutely irresistible.

"Original Mix" is what we find on the a-side, an excellent deep house track, which reminds me of Deep Dish's sets. I have to say the track caught my attention even since the first minutes, because it is relative simple, with a remarkable and sweet rhythm, typical for deep house. The vocal from the track is pretty abstract, it doesn't suggest a solid melodic line, rigorously built, but it gives a short tint of funky. The rhythm doesn't do up the wall, remaining constant, and adding easily and subtle, after each break down, a new string which disappears little by little, for being substituted by another one. Nevertheless, the track is not based on a melodic line, but on the somber and deep rhythm and gauzy grooves.

Luke Chable has a passion, in my opinion, for a grim bass line, deep and congested, for a rhythm which must makes you move. The melodic line here on Blame remix, touches some very hidden and profound cords of the soul, is very serious and builds itself till the end of the track. Hardly at the half the melody is being opened and we discover the real theme, the essence. With a proper kick, Chable's music comes into prominence to the forefront and produces a feeling of comfort. The track contains that poetic feeling which the artist wants to transmit to the listener. It is, in all verity, a unique track, a high quality deep house.

A new interesting 12", "Blame", brings over in my opinion, captures the audience and goes beyond mediocrity. Much closer to the electronic music, we are discovering a new world, a universe which generates extraordinary feelings which we did not felt before.

A: Blame (Luke Chable Respect To The Border Community mix)
B: Blame (original mix)

Powerplant - Blame


Release Records


REL 017


April 08 2004


May 13, 2004 at 9:39 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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