Global Underground 026 - James Lavelle - Romania

Global Underground series returns with the 26th edition after the gorgeous double mix offered by Deep Dish on GU025 Toronto. This time the compilation was mixed at the Studio Martin venue in Bucharest, Romania, having as protagonist the break-beat DJ James Lavelle. At only 15, after a party where he played for the first time, he contrived to collect money for buying him a pair of decks, getting stuck in at a quick pace. During the time, James has played several genres of music, starting from hip-hop and getting to what he plays now, break-beat and progressive house. He is present for the second time on the GU series, after putting together GU023, Barcelona, and now right in our native country, Romania.

James Lavelle imposed himself to do an incursion on several genres, predominant being the nu skool breaks styles. The first CD starts with "Beauty and... Intro", short enough, which announces the opening of a crazy party. In the "Queens of the Stone Age" style starts the mix, "No One Knows (Unkle Reconstruction)" constituting a rough and noisy remix of the original version, approaching to a drum & bass rhythm. After almost seven minutes really starts the power party by the instauration of electronic music. Let's start with Lavelle's track, Unkle and "In A State (Album Version)", a track already well known by you, and which needs no introduction. Most tracks from this mix are signed by Unkle; we are continuing then with PFN, a wonderful and moving break-beat and in the same bass line and genre is entering Unkle with the track "Eye For An Eye (Silencer Remix)". The tracks could be taken as one, since the transition is almost not felt it. The last track contains much movement, more aggression, enhancing, through the brutal synths and the massive bass line, the impression of a sound which falls like a thunder. Meat Katie and the track "K Hole" has somehow the same genre, but coming up with many riffs and abstract, darken sounds, passing over the sphere of calm and interior silence. After another tune given by Unkle, we meet a guy which impressed me a lot by his creations, Dj Shadow. But he is not alone, together with him being Roots Manuva, creating "GDMFSOB". Another beautiful and driving track which will surely make your body to vibrate, is given by Unkle again, namely "Reign (Album Version)". The vocals build up a high-quality break-beat, and after this powerful track we meet two singles by Meat Katie, two acid tracks, with a break-beat facture. The nu sckool breaks lovers will be absolutely happy by this amazing part of the mix. After Santos with the track "Sabot (Evil 9 Mix)", which I personally don't consider it such a good tune, we find South with the track "Colours In Waves (Unkle Reconstruction)", very profound melody with a bass line really awesome and all these going to a rhythm which pushes to the dance floor. The first CD ends up in a warm and sweet manner, with M83 and "Run Into Flowers (UNKLE Re-Prise)//C'hantel - The Realm (Acapella)".

Through the charm and the abundance of significances and emotional senses which are hauting the listener's soul, the second part of the compilation represents a concentration of abstractions and symbols which needs a fully activation of the whole human senses. After a short intro (I must admit the voice and the lyrics from the Plastikman - "Ask Yourself (Unkle Edit)" are absolutely remarkable and brilliant), Scumdolly enchants us (or he doesn't) with the track "Making Ends Meet", a progressive track with a powerful rhythm and a somber bass line. Unkle makes his presence felt here too, with the track "Invasion (Medway vs. Eva Coast To Coast Mix)". But don't you think Unkle abused somehow by this compilation to promote his tracks up together? It sounds very well, I have nothing to say, but I suppose two-three tracks would have been enough, because there are some other talents too whom are making high quality music. A cogent example comes into my head; Deep Dish have many tracks too, but they gave an opportunity to Sultan and The Greek, whom were almost unknown till then, and after their track has been featured on GU025, they have been contacted by many labels. Back to James Lavelle, the trajectory changes again to break-beat through Peace Division and the track "No More Subliminal Shit". Meat Katie & Lee Combs with the track "Import" are opening the break-beat area, of a dement rhythm. In the electro atmosphere enters "Meat Katie & Elite Force – Slagg", a track which definitively wakes up the listener's conscience, and as a consequence the manner to manifest your euphoria released by these tracks comes in contradiction with the moral norms; more exactly, don't assimilate the "violence" launched by these tracks. After Ultima, we find Pepe Bradock and the track "4", which calms somehow the spirits. The power point of the cd is The Chemical Brothers feat. The Flaming Lips with an extraordinary track, "Golden Path (Ewan Pearson's Rave Hell Dub)". What else is still remarkable till the end of the mix is Alex Dolby's single, "Psiko Garden (Sasha Re-Edit)". And so, a new Global Underground session is closed with Unkle and "In A State (Sasha Remix) // Derrick Carter - Where You At (Where Yaccapella)".

James Lavelle has succeeded just in some measure to finish this incursion in the electro world, or maybe this is all the label expected from this compilation. Brave beats covered us for almost two hours and a half, the compilation being a kind of strive against the commercial, strive that GU has won for the 26th time.

Disk 1
1. Beauty And... Intro
2. Queens Of The Stone Age - No One Knows (UNKLE Reconstruction)
3. UNKLE - In A State (Album Version)
4. PFN - Flow (False Prophet Mix)
5. UNKLE - Eye For An Eye (Silencer Mix)
6. Meat Katie - K Hole
7. UNKLE - Have You Passed Through This Night (Eye For An Eye UNKLE Variation)
8. DJ Shadow Feat Roots Manuva - GDMFSOB (UNKLE Uncensored Mix)
9. UNKLE - Reign (Album Version)
10. Meat Katie & Elite Force - Ju-Ju (Hum Mix)
11. Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes - Dita Beater
12. Santos - Sabot (Evil 9 Mix)
13. South - Colours In Waves (UNKLE Reconstruction)
14. M83 - Run Into Flowers (UNKLE Re-Prise)
C'hantel - The Realm (Acapella)

Disk 2
1. Plastikman - Ask Yourself
2. Scumdolly - Making Ends Meet
3. UNKLE - Invasion (Medway Mix)
4. Peace Division - No More Subliminal Shit
5. Meat Katie & Lee Coombs - Import
6. Meat Katie & Elite Force - Slagg
7. Ultima - Don't Funk
8. Pepe Bradock - 4
9. Chemical Brothers Feat The Flaming Lips - Golden Path (Ewan Pearson Rave Hell Dub)
10. Fred Numf Vs Five Point 0 - Hong Kong Junkie (Medway Mix)
11. Alex Dolby - Psiko Garden (Sasha Re-Edit)
12. UNKLE - In A State (Sasha Mix)
Derrick Carter - Where You At (Where Yaccapella)

Global Underground 026 - James Lavelle - Romania


Global Underground


GU 026CD


March 01 2004


May 13, 2004 at 8:38 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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