Fabric 15 - Tyrant

The "Fabric" series came at its 15th compilation, and Craig Richards gets the task to mix this release, under the Tyrant project. He is the guy who started the amazing "Fabric" series, and the 15th edition comes in a new, unexpected format, a double CD. The success of the talent is undoubtedly, Richards becoming now a kind of controversial and unique DJ worldwide. A sound which will hypnotize your sense, "Fabric 15" contains many diversified and genially arranged tracks, to offer to the listener a unique experience.

The first CD opens with "Six Of One Part One", produced by Minimal Man, a difficult and hard digestible track, but at the same time calm and beneficial to the ears. Abstract sounds, with no melody, just pure hypnotic and a kind of sense wash; be careful, can be dangerous! In the same style, a kind of tech-house with progressive influences, the next track "Falko Brocksieper - Other Planets" don't differs too much from the first one and maybe that's why it doesn't get too much space on the mix. Seafoam makes a brief appearance with the single "Vibes", amazing track through its simplicity. The short synths are falling as a rain, but a special rain, a rain of strong emotions and abstractions. You need some experience in this kind of music to understand such a track, and especially to love it. On an approximately the same bass line enters "Carsten Jost – W.U.O. (Eight Miles High Mix)". Strong tech-house influences are being felt inhere, and the sounds seems to be ladled out from a prehistoric crypt. The surprise is also given by some abstract tribals which are making the track to shine. "MIA - River" is a somehow a domestic track, much melodically, one of the massive tracks of the first CD. The bass line is surprising, inaccessible and calms down through its delicacy and unusual condition. A scary track is next, "Face The Flames" by Jeremy Caulfield which is, in my opinion, one of the most abstract tracks, excelling through the wild power to get access in the hidden spaces of the spirit, suggesting a music of another level and totally denying the formality. A war of synths is taking place during the entire track, finally going to a sentimental crescendo. John Shannanigans makes his entrance then with a superb track, "Charlies On The Dancefloor", an amalgam of classic jazz vocals and awfully bass line. This track gets closer to the techno sphere, producing a strong emotion and making through its rhythm the entire body to vibrate. Weltzwei appears with the track "Expander", a powerful and resistant sound, massive through its rough and abstract melodic line. But what actually is this abstract? We call it that "something" which passes over the concrete sphere, which is outside our power to understand and which covers elements that are not a part of our day by day life. Back to this compilation, we are going next to a house track combined with techno and progressive, and which contains also a male vocal difficult to decipher. It is about "Panytec - Elasobabe (Soul Capsule Remix)", a track which really produces a kind of inexplicable panic, makes to tremble, but also establish the peace of the mix. The Luciano and Quennum duo brings a much lively track, much driving and, breaking that lassitude installed on the first half of the mix, "Orange Mistake". Though the next track "You'll Never Come Back (Villalobos Mix)" brings back the listener in the abstract universe, Sieg Uber Die Sonne producing that nerves excitement, possible with the help of the somber and darken bass line. The track "No.5", by Bang Goes brings new wonderful synths, but as somber and profound as the lasts, while Michael Mayer's sound unleashes the party, conferring a new universe of colored feelings. In short time Morane makes his appearance with "The Trick", a much funky and freaky style, but also a more dynamic one. The track is somehow more open, more alive, preparing the listener for the end of this mix with Ada and "Lucky Charm", a playful track, which gets near an appealing funky, awakes the listener to reality after this long journey through intelligible, abstract journey and darkens spaces.

The second CD is as much surprising as the first one, including tracks of different factures, tech-house, break-beat and lot of down tempo. The mix is opening with an excellent track, Brownman Greenman Meets KV5 and "Words". Much more melody and many effects are enhancing the quality of the track, which differs widely by the next track by Jimi Tenor, "Muchomo" , an exceptional downtempo which brings in the limelight funky and jazz riffs. If the first CD was going on the same genre, the things would be different now, since the tracks are totally different between them. The downtempo is going forward with Supersoul and "Nice Daze", and then is Morgan Geist with the track "Food and Fuel". "Joakin – Minimum of Life" brings back a kind of tech-house with breaks elements, but all these in an obscure and abstract manner, unique at the same time. The tech-house is restored, first with "Chicks on Speed - Frequent Flyer Lounge Song (Kreidler Remix)" and then with "Fastgraph Systematic - Systematic", a track organized, with deep elements of break-beat. On the same line are going "J/V/N Machine" and "Texas – Put Your Arms Around Me (Two Lone Swordsmen Mix)". The rhythm has already become more dynamic, much lively and much playful. "Voicestealer - Undercover" offers unforgettable experiences, entering with a superb melodic line and a rhythm which atrophies the drowsiness. The mix is continuing in the break-beat sphere, with a track as much dynamic as the last one, D.I.E and "Programming"; the effects given by the vocals are enhancing the tension not only of the track, but also of the entire mix. The electro and breaks effect is present on the next track too, "Ectomorph – Dada". "Scape One - Programme Sequence" adds new synths and builds the mix on the same electro facture, giving color and life to the mix. Dettinger prepares the listener for a new experience of the downtempo style, through the track "Tottentanz". The effects rolls up, the rhythm is breaking up and so we meet with "Push Button Objects - Hustlin", followed by Anthony Shakir and his "On That Tip". A calm and lazy rhythm is back, continuing with Dabrye and The Octagon Man. This part is the most surprising of the entire mix, through the added effects and the innovator and futuristic sounds. Air Liquide and the track "Knifflige Fraggen" is resuscitating the mix, bringing it back to life with a nervous beat. The next track, "The Warlock - Silence is Defeat", crushes the peaceful and calm atmosphere through dement and aggressive bass line. As you can expect, the mix is ending in a unique and special manner, with a fine track "Whip", by X-Plain.

That's about "Fabric 15", an extremely daring and diversified compilation by its content. Cold, abstract, rough, darken, somber sounds, all these makes from this compilation a distinction in the domain of Craig Richards. What can I say is that the double CD makes a success, being an innovative and one of the futures. So, let's give more space to the new generation which comes and let's open them new ways, let's offer them new perspectives, let's educate them as much as possible in a less formal spirit; I think this is the purpose of the present compilation.

Disc 1:
01. Minimal Man - Six Of One
02. Falko Brocksieper - Other Planets
03. Seafoam - Vibes
04. Carsten Jost - WUO (Eight Mile High mix)
05. Mia - River
06. Jeremy Caulfield - Face The Flames
07. John Shannanigans Feat Mu - Charlies On The Dancefloor
08. Weltzwei - Expander
09. Pantytec - Elastobabe (Soul Capsule remix)
10. Luciano And Quenum - Orange Mistake
11. Sieg Uber Die Sonne - You'll Never Come Back (Ricardo Villalobos mix)
12. Mirweis Sangin - Athan Dance
13. Bang Goes - Dreipunkter
14. Michael Mayer - Pensum
15. Morane - The Trick
16. Ada - Luckycharm

Disc 2:
01. Brownman Greenman Meets Kv5 - Words
02. Jimi Tenor - Muchmo
03. Supersoul - Nice Daze
04. Morgan Geist - Food And Fuel
05. Joakim - The Minimum Of Life
06. Chicks On Speed/ Kreidler - Frequent Flyer Lounge Song
07. Fastgraph - Systematic
08. J/v/n Machine - Rock, Computer
09. Texas - Put Your Arms Around Me (Breath mix)
10. Voicestealer - Undercover
11. Die Detroit In Effect - Programming
12. Ectomorph - Dada
13. Scape One - Programme Sequence
14. Dettinger - Totentanz
15. Push Button Objects - Hustlin
16. Shake Shakir - On That Tip
17. Dabrye - Smoking The Edge
18. The Octagon Man - Chromozoid Fly
19. Air Liquide - Knifflige Fraggen
20. The Warlock - Silence Is Defeat
21. X Plain - Whip

Fabric 15 - Tyrant


Fabric Records




March 15 2004


May 9, 2004 at 2:54 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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