Agoria - Stereolove

On his real name Sebastien Devaud, Agoria imposed himself on the French and world wide electronic music scene, playing alongside great djs as Jeff Mills, Carl Cox, Ritchie Hawtin, Christian Vogel and many others. 2003 saw the release of his album "Blossom", creating furor in the industry. And so, Different Recordings launched recently Agoria's single "Stereolove", extract from the album "Blossom".

The a-side contains two mixes of Stereolove, the first one being "Me & Timy Mix", an aggressive track till its roots, a kind of prettily tech-house, but with less melody. There are a few sounds which are predominating on the entire track and which are creating a noisy atmosphere, a distorted and incomprehensible reality. The rhythm is absolutely sick and continuously, the sounds are being opened and closed, creating a simple melodic line, with less sentimental implication. This is typical for the tech-house, but the surprise also comes from the introduction of male and female vocals. A continuous and dizzy bass line, which will surely convulse the concrete spaces, the ephemeral reality that we live in and which makes the listener to vibrate, is what gives the authenticity of the track.

The other high quality track, "Paul Kalkbrenner's John 3-20 remix", is a much lively, rapid and driving track. All starts suddenly, with a simple, rough and abstract bass line. To a general view, this track is somber too and comprises short synths and a continuous and hypnotic string. In a proper manner, the track gets closer to what is called the techno style. It's all about rhythm, to move during the entire track, to vibrate the pores. The melody is confused, hard to understand, because this is not the high point of the track, but the crazy rhythms which can keeps connected a huge clique of compotators.

On the flip side is another proper tech-house tune, Road Movie, which keeps a solid electro rhythm backed up by some distorted vocals, quite hard to decode. The track is like a constant road, a steady and dull path.

Much respect for this 12", and also for the protagonist of the release, Agoria, without doubt one of the figures of mark in the European techno music scene.

Agoria - Stereolove


Different France


DIFF 2027


March 8 2004


May 9, 2004 at 2:49 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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