Chris Salt - Dub Sonar & Distorted Reality

Another release on the London label Silver Planet Recordings is out under the signature of an artist in full ascension, 22 years older, Chris Salt. A name which will surely gives you more in the near future, Chris Salt has support from djs like Steve Smart (from Kiss 100) or Nick Warren. You will probably be much familiarized with this name if you listen to his remix of the track "Ways", produced by the Flash Brothers.

Let's start with the first track, "Dub Sonar"; exceptionally by the melodic line and the audacious rhythm, the a-side of the vinyl personally enchanted me the most. The predominant genre is break-beat, combined with progressive. The track has incited my emotion and admiration even from the beginning, through the profundity of the sounds, the synths creating the impression of a perfect sunrise. The break-downs are so harmoniously, that you will be astonished on how it is possible to make music to such a level. Full of symbols and significances, Chris Salt's track captivates through a kind of breach of formal conventions, of any logical element of conscience, space or time, amalgamating everything, sensations at warm, cracks of sense, lived act with imaginary act.

Seems to be a cliché, but the collocation "the honor of the craft" very often used by great essayists of the time, is enough relevant and verisimilar. A primary generation is needed for rehabilitating the fair skill, the science and the pride of doing a god job, no matter how small. For instance, a track similar to the one that we are just analyzing. "Distorted Reality" surely has a different theme, but in what concerns Chris Salt's style, I can say he acquired this honor of the craft. Back to this 12", the flip side brings the track up mentioned, more calm and much darken and abstract progressive tune. The synths are composing an abstract melody, very simple, also dreadfully. But, I don't find absolutely necessary the presence of that female voice, which anyway doesn't fit to well and doesn't arouse too many feelings. Anyway, this is just my opinion. Roughly, the track sounds good, but I have to admit that it is inferior to the other track, "Dub Sonar".

Well, this is what I could say about Chris Salt's vinyl, a guy who will surely advance in his career and who will assemble a big number of fans if he keeps it that way.

A: Dub Sonar
B: Distorted Reality

Chris Salt - Dub Sonar & Distorted Reality


Silver Planet




April 2004


May 9, 2004 at 1:51 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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