The MFA - Difference It Makes

The MFA is a new project on Holden's Border Community, consisting of Alastair Douglas and Rhys Evans, releasing the 3rd installment of the label on the dance industry. The track has already broken the electronic music market, being also included on Holden's compilation, Balance 005.

And so we find on the a-side of the vinyl two different tracks, "Original Mix" and "The MFA's Fungle Mix". The first one is opening with a wonderful bass line, in short order entering the rhythm too, simple, but enough dynamic and lively. The original mix is constituted by typical elements of progressive house, and the surprise is given by the vocal effects, which surely wakes up strong emotions. The track is somehow calm, melodically, the synths enchaining in a perfect order. The track is a kind of bomb, very appreciated by the public, and can be taken as a hit and a strong point of Holden's label.

The other version of the single is "The MFA's Fungle Mix", a different genre, going somewhere about the drum & bass area. The bass line is much apish, much aggressive and much rough, constituting alongside the vocal a pretty solid and successful remix.

What I remarked on this vinyl was Petter's remix on the flip side, "Petter's Different Version", a track similar to Zabiela or Craig Richards sound. By an abstract facture, the track distinguishes through the multitude of effects and daring synths, which are totally changing the aspect and are bearing away this version by the original one. The bizarre sounds are flowing one by other, building a tech-house with progressive and funky influences. At a given moment it is felt the melodic line of the original, which can't set it free from the absolutely sick rhythm of Petter's version. The bass line freezes, giving the impression of a cold and nonrepresentational track, accessible just to the insiders.

Any track sounds very well in its own, the vinyl offering three different songs, trying to conciliate many tastes, which I thing it has been succeeded in. Another achievement of the Border Community label, an achievement that the protagonists can be proud of.

A1: Original Mix
A2: MFA Jungle Mix
B1: Petter's Different Version

The MFA - Difference It Makes


Border Community


03 BC


January 28 2004


May 9, 2004 at 1:29 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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