Damian DP - Elation

Damian DP is a young new talent from Argentina in the progressive community, he started playing music at the age of 11 and won a dj contest on the Argentinean FM station, Metrodance. He made his debut on Ghost Recordings with the single, "Elation", also the first release of the label. The 12" contains also a nice break-beat remix created by Shiloh, and indeed this is a quality vinyl debut for the young producer. And what exactly appeals most after listening several times is the powerful and profound melody transposed on a brilliant bass line.

The A-side comes with the "Original Mix", a good-natured song which exhilarates the spirit and awakes the pleasure of knowing everything. Basically, the track looks simple, in the first minute keeping the attention awake and conferring to the listener a sensation of being on nettles. The faction is made when the bass line enters, continuing for another minute the hypnotic and repetitive string. The bass line takes shape and gets transformed into a beautiful melody, giving a nice and moving rhythm. The breakdown brings beautiful and emotional melodic synths, which gives a quality and deep melody. And then actually begins the main melody, after reentering the rhythm. New percussion elements are added and the strings are more obvious now. For a few minutes you really go to the bottom of the track. The synths suggests a contrast between the sadness and the joy, it builds experiences in higher and deep spaces of the mind. Not only an emotional track, but also a rational one, the song gets off the ground with its pure melody and deep riffs. The mass fusion of emotions makes the track a classic tune, with moving rhythms and darkens elements.

On a different path, the Shiloh "Elyon" remix builds new synths and themes, adding vocals and breaks sounds. I'm trying to find out what charm my heart detects in this song and also in the entire release. But why we always have to subdue a work through the filter of rational? This seems to be a constant action for human beings. Anyway, back to the song, the remix offers to the listener a new perspective, a new style with different melodic tints. The featured effected vocals have a precise part; they basically compose the entire melody. Too little connections are with the original version of the song, but this is not a disadvantage, because the vinyl is indeed awesome. A new melody fades in and out with the breaks rhythm, while the bassline builds and builds till the end of the track new elements and riffs. At a round pace, the remix constantly shows Shiloh's skill, succeeding to make a driving remix from the original.

The fusion of art, science and technology continues to play a vital part in the development of our culture. Learning about the history, artists, techniques and technologies that encompass this arena, can be exhilarating, even daunting. But it is always a fun process and an excellent opportunity to continue what the greatest men did. So, the listener has the ball at his feet, he just has to take advantage of the occasion. A colored stock of progressive and breaks, this release is an excellent debut for Ghost Recordings and for Damian DP also, being just a new and higher level of creating music.

A: Original Mix
B: Shiloh 'Elyon' Mix

Damian DP - Elation


Ghost Recordings




May 3 2004


April 26, 2004 at 12:28 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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