Quivver - Space Manoeuvres Part 3

John Graham became in time an emblematic name for the dance music industry, with huge successful releases as "Pluto Disko", "Stage One" or "Daylight". A truly never-to-be-forgotten track, "Stage One" opened a trilogy of "space" beats which got finished this year with a remarkable release, "Space Manouevres part 3". In two different styles, the 12" offer to the listener a genesis of the world and sound, from its very beginnings. There are 5 years since the rub had been touched with "Stage One", and now it's time to lock the theme, the space series.

The main mix starts in a mellow way with a fine and sympathetic bassline and curing a damn critical process. Warm and beautiful synths are increased on the tune which really gets impressive when Keifer Sutherland's vocal starts to "prophetess" on the background. The resonance of the track is given by healing sounds, deep and warm melodies, which build up the main aspect of the song. Beautiful strings are twisted by cool kicks and smooth rhythm. This is a sweet track, an opportunity to enhance your ability of understanding some obscure things. A hypnotic breakdown calms down the spirit, exacerbate the mind, opens the melody and gives a tenderness of the track.

Well, there are some things which we hardly forget, pleasant or unpleasant. And this track is one of the pleasant things that hardly came out of my head. I'm not a break beat lover, but if there is an amazing tune as this one, I can't turn off my player until the track finishes many times round and round. From its beginning the track looks well, and after the little introduction of Keifer Sutherland into the genesis of all things, really starts your ears to be on fire, because the rhythm finds its legs. A noisy and heavy-handed kick is transposed on a nice melody composed by warm and rising synths and a powerful bass line. You can call this a path breaker for the greenhorns. A long, amazing and hypnotic break down is the gentleness of the song, a new way in the dark and mysterious spaces, another level of understanding and experiencing. Somber riffs are containing deep and unforgettable feelings and emotions. So, this is what we call a proof, a proof that talent exists and is continuing to grow and to bring in life beautiful and quality products.

You don't have to ask, don't have to see other's opinion. You just have to watch inside you, at the things that are sitting there, because the answers are in and not out. I can only say that this release brings a warm light in a cold space. You should remember this guy's name, because this is only the beginning.

A: Main Mix
B: Quivver Breaks Mix

Quivver - Space Manoeuvres Part 3






March 15 2004


April 26, 2004 at 12:19 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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