Max Graham - Shine

2001 was the year that brought a new talent in the dance music industry. After mixing the Transport mix CD released on Kinetic records, Max Graham was the highest new entry on the Dj Magazine top 100. And his DJ/producer career was only at its beginning; with the help of Tiesto, Oakenfold, or Nick Warren, Max succeeded in the dance music community and scene. He quotes: "I love to play anything that has energy and commands attention, a lot of music can get boring quickly, I need a sound that keeps moving and changing over the night". And 2004 is a new successful year for Max Graham, a year which brings new work of the talented producer. The compilation was launched early this year and it contains 11 massive trance tracks, with progressive elements. The dj is very enchanted by the label where he got his new mix CD out as he quotes : "I come across so much amazing unsigned material that I want to see in a good home, this label means a lot to me".

The track which breaks the ice is a trance massive tune, "Piece Process - Solar Myth". The contenting musical elements of this track are suggesting a calm atmosphere, a warm and sunny sensation which encompasses the entire bass line and rhythm. The synths are flowing into the waves of emotional experiences. The track is opened, with optimistic sounds and shaking grooves, but been reduced by the powerful and deep strings. Marc O Tool is entering next with his new and heavy track "It's Our Future". A sick bass line is diminished by the melodic line, but the dominant element of the track is the rhythm, a well built kick with a powerful and moving bass line. Coming up next, this is a new trance atmospheric tune given by Red and Blue, "Quintos (Nowhere mix)". The track enhances the psy effect with its synths and riffs. "Ultravision – Inner Earth" comes with new house grooves, being more a progressive trance than a trance itself. With pure strings, the song really offers to the listener a sensation of shaking and hypnotic. Stephanie Malca comes with new sound, a massive collection track, "Revolution (Mike Monday Night Mix)". The vocals are quite funky and sexy, while the rhythm is absolutely dizzy and dement. This tune looks like a tech-house or something, deep progressive grooves being recognized in it. You shouldn't miss such a track, because it will really blow your minds. The excitement of movement from this excellent song is continued by the next one, "Piece Process - New Driver". New trance synths are adopted and a new melodic line is opening. Till this moment, I should say that the album is very diversified and daring, because different styles and grooves are encompasses the mix. A surprising fact, the next track "Buenos Aires" is signed by the progressive and house master, Sander Kleinenberg. What actually makes his presence here I don't know, but I have to say the track is absolutely amazing and really is on my taste. The riffs and the sounds are very evolved and complicated, and all these are creating a wonderful melodic line and an absolutely golden and playful rhythm. Deep and emotional melody can be found on its fond, and I have to say that this kind of tracks always succeeds in making a noisy and unforgettable party. Madoka offers two beautiful tracks; much space for a much talented artist. "Altered" comes with freshly and emotional synths and strings. A deadly bass line enlarges the quality of the song, building new themes and effects and creating a trance aspect. The other single from Madoka is "Afterburner", good tune for trance lovers. As the title suggests, the song gives the impression, through its melody, of a last and fatal burn of the ears and foot. This is a new tune which continues the mind traveling into deep and noisy spaces, into new ways of thinking and living. The tendency for progressive and break beat is obvious in the next track, "Medway - Trauma (Inkfish Remix)", a very meaningful song, which leaves a good taste in the mouth. The breaks part is audacious, the melodic line being transposed by a perfect beat. In a peaceful and silenced manner, the compilation is finishing a series of hot and successful releases with a beautiful track given by another master of progressive, but not only, Junkie XL and "Tennis" single extracted from his latest album "Radio JXL - A broadcast from the computer hell cabin". And so, a new quality album is done.

What should I say, I am impressed by this astonishing release, and this adds to my spirit a new joy and lot of respect for this talented artist, Max Graham. Just a new driving mix, with melodic progressive and chunky house grooves from a guy who deserves a massive respect and support from us. And what dominates the entire mix is a playful, alive and kicking joy of playing with this toy called music, or better, art. Containing zippy beats, the album is full of guts, suggesting me that wonderful stage of human being, the youth. Well, you should stay tuned for more releases as this one, coming from a guy who won the public's spurs, Max Graham.

Max Graham - Shine


System Recordings




January 2004


April 25, 2004 at 5:56 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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