Alexander Church - Sound Advice & Lost Identity

Yet another quality release by artist Alexander Church, a guy who stands out from the mediocrity, with previous releases like 'Welcome To My World' on Gravitation or 'Soulkeepers' on Dorigen. I just listened to his latest work and I have to say I was in plain language impressed by the vinyl's quality. The release succeeds to conciliate, in a particular way, two opposite inclinations of the lyric spirit: one unto the rigorous and exact craft, and another unto the free, sophisticated and imposing imagination game.

The A-side contains the track "Sound Advice", which deeply blows your mind. It starts in a slowly and peaceful way, and increasingly a beautiful and calm rhythm takes shape. The melodic line is very smooth and is a kind of brutality defiance, containing meditative sounds and strings. The track looks like a chilly deep house song; it brings sleepy sounds and melody. There is so much poetic life in its riffs, that I could explode in musical pieces and contaminate others. I was wondering who leads here, the bass line or the melody, but suddenly an idea of complete harmony between the two elements came into my brain; and seems to be true, there is a symbiotic relationship between them. It really is an 'advice', a suggestion through the melody, making the spirit to feel a 'happy agony'. Almost every person played with art, it seems to be a free toy. The stories painted or drawn on the walls of caves in petroglyphs, on animal skins and in the oral tradition, were man's first form of art, education, communication and healing, far predating the written word. And so, under no circumstances can we refuse the art, because it is a part of our lives, we meet it every day. And back to these release, we can be positive that this track is a form of art.

The B-side brings another quality track, "Lost Identity". An unclear and half-opened melody creates a space of abstract, darken and somber bass line accentuate the contrast between the lightly, sunny, opened and an oppression sensation, closed and forsaken. The predominant part is the last one, and here the featured vocals contribute too. A beautiful and profound melody suggests a kind of death, an approach of the end, while a few synths offers to the listener new joy, giving the impression of rising stars falling into the big unknown. I think the flip side of the vinyl is more emotional, more profound and more meaningless, with deep force. I read a dramaturgy work once following the same topic, the losing of identity and I found many relations between the themes. The track contains very depth thoughts transposed in a familiar bass line, through an extraordinary simplicity sometimes. The song's expressivity is been owned to a great extent to the overtaking of a style convention, going behind the limits. Many other interpretations of the track can be found, so this is not a single one. The losing of a person's echo is the most tragically thing that could experience. We all are running for these small and footling things and we miss the real point, we forget our identity. That's why we have to be permanently open minded, to be in a permanently searching of ourselves and of the understanding our role in world.

This new 12" is a process of styling, it goes to the bottom of things, simply force our consciences to open itself, to wake up. I'm sure it will have a huge impact in music lovers and will awake that alter ego that lies in them.

A: Sound Advice
B: Lost Identity

Alexander Church - Sound Advice & Lost Identity


Midnight Recordings




May 04 2004


April 19, 2004 at 2:24 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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