Yunus vs Subsky - Step One EP

It is about two progressive masters, which launched back to back a vinyl containing two different quality tracks. Subsky imposed himself last year with his releases, such as "Strawberry Fields", "Not Yet / Harikari" or "Albino", while Yunus has obtained the strong support of many industry leading DJ/Producers including John Digweed, Sasha, Nick Warren, Deep Dish, Lee Burridge and Pete Tong. Their new EP, "Erotic Sumo/Airfuzz" is the first release of Red Flag Collective, a promising label set up by the two Turkish fellows themselves. The vinyl combines two different styles, progressive and breaks and I have to say that it sounds very well.

The A-side contains the beautiful track "Erotic Sumo", a deep progressive song with breaks elements. It is fascinating how the melody gets in front of the track, how that perfect alignment of kicks and basses keeps a fairly tempo arranged with the synths. The track is impressive through its pure melody and original theme, because I have to say that many tracks don't have a so called "theme", a kind of "subject" which has to follow the entire rhythm. The appearance of the synths comes step by step, and despite that it sounds different, it follows the same topic. The bass line is calm and sweet, while a few tribals are coming very angry, without disturbing the peaceful atmosphere. I suppose the subject of this track seems to be the spirit integration, the passing into nothingness. It is quite sad, because we, humans, know that the spirit is immortal, and looks like this track condemn this prejudgment. Anyway, this is not the only interpretation, because you can decide on your own, I just opened a way. Very nice track, keep your eye on it.

The flip side comes with another massive track, a chill breaks song called "Airfuzz". The contrast between calm and brutal or "good" and "evil" is obvious. Interesting track too, it can be thought of as a sick tune and as a pure melodic too. The break down is amazing, some heavy and somber lines come as an air stones rain. Nice strings, abstract riffs and electric moving beats. A dare-devil track, which surely contaminates your ears. The synths look like "they" are in an eternal movement, like "they" are leaving the track to go in a perfect and complete existence. The break beat gets lost in a beautiful melodic line, a sleepy and emotional melody.

These two guys really made a good job working as a duo. As a conclusion, I will relate a little story that stamped me. There was an eighteen years old guy creating music, but suddenly after a car accident, he became a deaf person. His disappointment can't be described, as he was still trying to create music, but he couldn't hear it. And this is what I was thinking about these days; what if he was me, or even you? Just a wordless situation; how precious is this gift that we have, the gift of hearing...

Yunus vs Subsky - Step One EP


Red Flag Collective


RFC 001


April 5 2004


April 19, 2004 at 1:23 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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