Luke Chable - Melburn & Into The Storm

In the past year, Luke Chable really broke the electronic music industry with his full quality releases and he won a lot of respect from the scene. His last 2 tracks vinyl, "Melburn/Into the Storm" is an awesome breaks release, launched on Bedrock Breaks.

The A-side contains the beautiful track "Melburn", just pure and deep melody, repetitive and hypnotic. Entering a simple and large break-beat atmosphere, the track is composed by some tender and soft synths which are fading in and out, one by one. The bass line is amazing, a nice break-beat kick combined with a deep melody bass, which looks like a guitar. The melodic line is opened, optimistic, but it is somehow sad. I would say the thought that came in my head when I listened to this track was a clear conscience is a good card. All elements together make the track a smooth break beat, the best antidote when you're in a bad mood. In a original manner, "Melburn" brings into the focus the idea of an optimistic beat together with deep elements of melody; and this is not present just on this vinyl, is also included on the entire producer career of Luke Chable. I can say just respect, because all Chable's geese are swans.

The other track on the vinyl gives a new turn of the classic Chable's track "After The Storm". The new "Into The Storm" is a mind travel, as the other track seems to be. In the same break beat dimension, this release is more a simple and wonderful chill than a noisy one. The sounds are lazy, mused and meditative. A warm and melodic track, "Into The Storm" leads the audience into the nature, a profound spirit and emotion being very suggestive. The female voice seems to be omnipresent on the entire track, despite that it is just on a few parts, giving the impression of a single melody, a single synth and a smooth and continuous string. The bass line is skimpy, and the track can be taken as a down tempo mix, because the break-downs are often shown. Anyway, the song is one of a kind, a demonstration of a perfect skill in the electronic music affair.

Is this vinyl really a work of art? Surely it is. But, it depends on you to decide that the release will see it through. In this darken and controversial rhythms, Luke Chable, as a flame, lights up the roads and offers new perspectives and new themes.

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Luke Chable - Melburn & Into The Storm


Bedrock Breaks


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March 26 2004


April 19, 2004 at 12:34 PM CEST


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