Shiloh - Latex

Colin & Justin Moreh, the guys from Shiloh are back to enchant us with a new release, "Latex". Released on Method Records, a Sub-division of Baroque Records, the vinyl brings two nice deep progressive tracks, one of them being the Canadian duo Benz & MD mix. Sweet as sugar, the vinyl brings new synths and sounds, perfectly transposed on a nice rhythm.

The first track is the Original Mix, the power point of the vinyl. The a-side starts in a nice way with a strong kick and a somber bassline. The synths are introduced one by one and are maintaining the dynamic rhythm. There are also a few tribals, which slowly falls into the bass line. Movement, vibes and all this stuff - what the track suggests. The single unpleasant thing could be that the song is quite simple; there are not complicated emotional beats, no lyrics, no vocals. At the end of the track, I would say: "I'm dying for a cold drink!" But, I'm not enlightened about the title of the song; seems to be a proper manner to entitle the vinyl. The first thing that came into my mind is the Milky Way, but I don't think there is any connection between these two themes. Anyway, the milk is tasty, and the track too.

The Benz & MD mix is something to be on tenterhooks when the track starts to play. But no doubt, the Canadian duo made a good job working on this remix. In addition to this, the track has some break-beat elements and the melodic line is taking a different road. A progressive full quality sound, the track brings new melody, new power, and there is a perfect combination with the deaf kick. The synths are more complex, more complicated, the general aspect of the track being an amalgamation of beats and melody, but arranged in a strictly order. It is more a mind experience, a hypnotic sound which washes the impurity of thoughts. The strings are very warm, tranquilly and peaceful, as a new dream which gets you in a profound sleep. Profound – yes, this is the word! Everything is very profound, trying to reach the listener thoughts.

I'm not sure you will enjoy this release in any place, at any time, because you can react different hearing this vinyl during the entire day. "Latex" is something special and, as any new magic sound does, it really plays with the listener imagination. So, check this out, because in my opinion, this is a kind of positive education and development. The conclusion is that any new form of art should be considered a huge step for the humanity and I must mention the fact that we can't survive without optimism, without art and without music.

A: Original Mix
B: Benz & MD Mix

Shiloh - Latex


Method Records




April 14 2004


April 19, 2004 at 12:18 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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