Matthew Dekay and Norman Soares - Move Yo & More Money More Power

After a stream of amazing and successful releases as "Higher Thoughts" or "Symbiosis", the progressive master Matthew Dekay is back with another vinyl, an efficacious collaboration with Norman Soares. The guy who started to wrote his own songs at the age of twelve win his spurs now through his productions, which we must say that sounds real nice. His success owe to his compeers Danny Howels, Anthony Pappa or Sander Kleinenberg, whom where very excited to promote a new young talent. His recent release, "Move Yo", has already been played by various DJs such as Hernan Cattaneo, Yunus or Sander K. The track, together with "More Money, More Power", makes a total successful vinyl, from all points of view.

The A-side contains the single "Move Yo", a combination of short riffs, vocals and smooth strings. The track starts in a progressive manner, with a powerful and heavy kick, which is completed by the bass line, absolutely amazing. A shaking and dynamic rhythm is flying until the break down, which amazed and flattens me out. "Do you trust me?" is not a rhetorical question, is just the lyric from the track. Some dark instruments give the impression of an abstract sound, often met on Dekay's style. When the heavy string starts, all system shut down, it is just pure melody. More complicated than "Symbiosis", the track is a success , and I'm sure that will beat the hell out of the listeners. The track contain Matthew Dekay's fingerprint and what makes it special is not the shaking and eccentric beat, but is the pure melody, the profundity and the emotional experience. Stay closer, because this will reap your legs!

Sexy grooves, funky and deep snares, moving beats, this represents in a few words "More Money, More Power". The vocals are very efficiently used, and this should be the effect of the collaboration with Norman Soares. A sleepless track with lots of tribals, a fading between progressive and house, massive bass line and darken rhythm, the song also gets through with his space for a quality tune. There are so many things I could say, for instance, when I put the headphones on my ears and I'm listening to my favorite music is something that I just can't describe, a pleasant feeling then enhances the reason to live. One of the things that sometimes help us to forget how hard life can be and how prosaic, and that gives us the joy of living is the pleasure of doing something in particular – the hobby. And he express his hobby and his conception about art through music. After all, is not about good or evil, it's just something pure, something that comes from our heartstrings and beg for a little attention.

This is a really impressive release and should maintain our attention. Even if it sounds quite prosaic, this is food for the body, for mind and for soul.

Matthew Dekay and Norman Soares - Move Yo & More Money More Power


Lowriders Recordings


LOW 002


March 22 2004


April 19, 2004 at 11:38 AM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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