Echomen - Spirit

Chris Scott and Anton Fielding (a.k.a Echomen) have returned with a new single "Spirit", released by Forensic Records. A fine progressive in two parts, containing tribals and progressive elements, the vinyl was released on February and was appreciated for its shaking, somber and darken "spirit". On the flip side Mooncat brings a nice remix of the track, a tribal house with elements of progressive and darken synths. After a period of silence, the fellows came back with this massive release, which is expected to be a success from the group.

The Original Mix follows the progressive rules and impute from the beginning a darken percussion with sinister beats. But the surprise is that the track is opening itself, like a flower and makes room to other synths and rifles too, to make its appearance. There is nothing fake, nothing tricky or unstable; the sounds are flowing, and from its beginning till its end, the track suffers many aesthetic changes and transformations. Tribals and synths are appearing and disappearing, the bass line is built in a solid way, and there are no "damages" accepted. At the right time, the track starts its melody, while are added many and many other riffs and percussion elements. It is a positive song, repetitive and very ordered. A simple melodic line gives to the ears that little vibe of pleasure. Also on the track it is featured an effect voice, just to give an interesting general view. You will miss another quality progressive if you deny this part of the Echomen's creation.

The Mooncat mix on the flipside brings new "disasters". This time, the Mooncat worked hard to give a feeling of fear, somber, darken and unexploited senses of consciousness. The track is not that appeals me the most, but I enjoyed it for its unlimited space, it looks like an attack to the mind and soul spirit. The structure of this song has something special and grotesque, showing behind the scenes of a happy life. The theme of the track enhances a large number of thoughts and feelings – it looks banal, it sounds just well, but it is not. We should try to see behind the decks, behind the killer and somber rhythm. Nothing is soft; the track reflects a somber conception about existence, a squeamishness of the origins, of the human nature. The synths, the percussion, the bass line, all these explain this conception; it is a mirror reflection of the reality we live in.

Excellent vinyl, just a new masterpiece from the likes of Echomen. It is common knowledge that the guys succeed in creating at any time solid sounds and in making a good work in the progressive industry and clubbing culture.

Echomen - Spirit


Forensic Records


FOR 023


February 10 2004


April 16, 2004 at 9:45 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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