Benz & MD - Snowblind

Greg Benz and Marco Di Carlo, aka Benz & MD, really moved up their musical career in the last year. With their remix on "Subsky - Albino" released on Nascent Recordings, they broke the market and electronic music scene. 2004 is an year full of achievements for the Canadian duo, and their new 12'', "Snowblind", launched on Dorigen Music, was already considered a success, receiving a massive support and remarks from masters such as Sasha, Digweed or Chris Fortier. The two tracks from the vinyl are completely different, and could be played at a run, thick and fast. The Original Mix is a journey into a progressive trance, while the Spincycle remix takes a new way into the pure tech-house atmosphere. This is a controversial bomb which will explode in two different ways.

As I said, the Original Mix of "Snowblind" leads the audience into a progressive trance dimension. This is the track that I liked the most, making me feel special :). The accent isn't put neither on the bass line nor on the kick – this could sound much lively. A hard work was on the melodic line, which is completely amazing, deep and emotional. Huge melodic tunes and calm strings are composing a one of a kind track. The synths floods into a place kept secret and are shown just on a few parts. The ascension of the melody is marked out with some deep snares and long and smooth strings. The track is soft and killer in the same time, it can be perfectly played on parties. What else can I say, despite the title of the track, it is very warm and peaceful, makes you fall in love, gives you reasons for some inexplicable reactions or thoughts you had, gives you answers for some stupid silly and non sense questions. Let's give more space to our souls and forget even for a few minutes about our mind and ratio.

The Spincycle project represents two fellows, Dave Clements and Andy Davies. Their tech-house style is appreciated worldwide, gaining many fans and having much respect from worldwide tech-house DJ's. The remix of "Snowblind" is a combination of sexy synths, funky piano and techno elements, with a nice and shaking female voice. The shape of the tune gets lost in the little melody, and the bass line is really funky and hot. The track has full swing, it makes you move, and it is a kind of "A sound mind in a sound body". This track reminds me of those noisy and beautiful nights spent on the beach, with powerful house music and lot of fun. A cold string is taking place on the song, and a slap bass with a jam makes from the track a beautiful experience of the soul into the tech-house land.

Don't try to judge this vinyl, don't try to find out why there are included on it two different pieces, just try to listen carefully. It is going to blow your minds! A daring choice, this disserves much respect. We are too preoccupied to critic a product (this is our drama) and we miss the real and the essential point of the fact - the quality. And in this case, we should not have any doubt of the quality of the release.

A: Snowblind (original mix)
B: Snowblind (Spincycle's Seeing The Light remix)

Benz & MD - Snowblind


Dorigen Music


DOR 040


April 2 2004


April 16, 2004 at 9:18 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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