Andrew K & Simuck - Clouds Go By

Andrew K is the new up and coming talent from Greece, being noticed last year by Markus Schulz, after making it into the top 10 rank on a competition run by Global DJ Broadcast. As a result, one of his tracks is in the name of the Junk Science project is selected by Markus Schulz for his latest compilation "Coldharbour Sessions" released on Armin van Buuren's label, Armada. Andrew K teams up with producer Simuck from Lithuania to deliver an excellent release called "Clouds Go By" and the debut release of the new established label Pure Substance.

The Original Mix offers to the listener a trembling experience trough the melody. It is what we call the perfect rainy song. Starting in a progressive mood, the track contains beautiful and deep melody, warm synths and a nice and peaceful bass line. A simply and nice melody, repetitive synths and calm riffs. The track follows a meditative theme, looks like a quite sad song, but in the same time is coming a wild pleasure of living. I'm looking outside and it still raining, damn rain, and the track is coming again in my ears, deeper and deeper. There is no violence, just a little analysis of time, a little contemplation of the clouds. The melody is not only abstract, but also profound and makes you believe that a wonder (whatever) is going to happen. Nice track anyway, a sleepy string fading with little pleasant synths.

On the flip is the Flash Brothers remix which takes a different way, being more spontaneous, more dynamic and violent. The same melodic line is transposed now on a different and new bass line, more brutal than the original. The rhythm is more shaking, the beats are in a continuously movement. New sounds are included on this version of the track, new synths are appearing more lively and audacious. At least once in our lives, we experienced an emotional feeling, that meaningless thing, a poetic sense which was about to grow in our souls. And some of us hadn't felt this subtle emotion and let it escape. And I think this is what this track suggests.

The general idea behind this release is the passing of time, I suppose, the wash of soul impurities, finding a road to happiness, a shortcut to that sublime emotional spirit which we should have. There is too much evil, too much heavy, too much... And our spirits need rest, and here comes the art, here comes music, here comes the melody. And this release I can say it is quite closer to these things.

A: Original Mix
B: Flash Brothers remix

Andrew K & Simuck - Clouds Go By


Pure Substance Records




April 2004


April 16, 2004 at 2:21 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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