Quest - The Shephard

Quest is one of the various production alias of Melbourne based Luke Chable, apart from Lo-Step (with Phil K), Digital Mind Control (with Ivan Gough), Dark Alley (with Phil K and Ivan Gough), and ACL (with Austin Leeds & Martin Accorsi). The past 12 months has seen a good number of excellent releases from Luke including the infectious "Ride" with Danni Bonnici, giving him worldwide attention and further consolidating Australia's foothold in the global dance arena.

The Original Mix starts off with a heavy kick drum galloping through spacey swirling effects to reach an elevated plateau that builds and builds with layers of sounds filtering in and out. Dreamy melodic overtones give way to a low persistent acid bassline which crawls its way to the break, where the dreamy melody floats back, jumps on the kick drum and cruises on before being rejoined by the nagging bassline, which gallops its way towards the end long after the melodies are gone.

As the name implies, the Heavy Dub is tougher and dirtier. Mainly a gritty drum track with toms, spacey effects and a subtle bassline in the background, the dub treads through dark barren wasteland to arrive at the break, where a mysterious melody creeps in amidst the toms, filters out for a while, before coming back in towards the end.

A) Original Mix
AA) Heavy Dub

Quest - The Shephard


Vapour Recordings




April 2004


April 16, 2004 at 1:38 AM CEST



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