Subsky - Albino

Subsky is Turkish producer/DJ Goktug Citci, who is one of the up-and-coming talents from Turkey. His last release "Strawberry Fields" is featured on Nick Warren Global Underground Rejavik CD album. "Albino" is the first of the few releases he's lined up for this year and an excellent one it is. The Original Mix starts with a tech-housey groove which combines with melodic overtones and synth sounds giving a dreamy feel. A soaring synth chord takes the track to its breakdown, where the main hook surfaces much like the hero in a play, carries the track in its hands and speeds off towards the comeback where everything is melded together, including a gorgeous key change. The track ends off with the original groove that's been there along, but is subdued due to the warm soundscapes created. Sweet.

While traditionally New York is not the place when it comes to the progressive genre, in this case it provides us with Blue Room Project (BRP) who strips down the track to its elements and layers them in sections over a breakbeat drum pattern. The chords are introduced first with a slow bassline taking the mix to a breakdown where the original melody comes in and is subsequently followed by the main hook, which is accompanied by BRP's own subtle rhythms.

A) Original Mix
B) Blue Room Project Breaks Mix

Subsky - Albino


Nascent Recordings




January 2004


April 16, 2004 at 1:56 AM CEST



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