Lynx - Future Funk EP

Lynx is the alias of Steve McGrath, whose latest offering "Future Funk EP" encompasses elements of progressive, breaks, and even down-tempo. There has been talk regarding the resurgence of progressive, and that producers are heading off various tangents and not just sticking to the "in" trends. If this EP is anything to go by, the next 12 months will see an abundance of good progressive releases.

Title track Future Funk starts off with a dark 4/4 tribal beat, before heading off into a broken drum pattern which retains the dark elements. The introduction of a dreamy arpeggio, coupled with the tension in the track, works well to create a somewhat sinister effect as the listener anticipates what's coming after. The track moves on into a second breakdown before a 4/4 drum kicks back again and gallops towards the end. GTA Reprise is a down-tempo track with slow reverbed drums and subtle rhythms creating a slightly spaced-out effect. One for the mellow moments.

Dusk is a straight 4/4 builder that picks up the pace with a low, persistent bassline creeping in amidst the clatter of sounds. Dark, metallic effects and a haunting horn sound filter in as the track gallops its way towards the breakdown. The elements slowly resume after the breakdown and the track maintains its energy level till the re-introduction of the horn sound which signifies the arrival of the outro, with a lone beat carrying the bassline on its way out. Travel is a mellow track for those emotional moments. Warm, lush strings accompanied by slow, chill out beats make it a good track to come down to.

A1) Future Funk
A2) GTA Reprise
B1) Dusk
B2) Travel

Lynx - Future Funk EP


Gravitation Records




January 26 2004


April 16, 2004 at 12:55 AM CEST



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