Central Rush - Out of Focus

LA Producer Mark Chu, of "Lotus/4 AM" fame, releases a winner that reminds us of the days when progressive represents lush epic journeys of nice melodies and warm rhythms. Without crossing over to cheddar land, his "Illegally Blind mix" weaves melodic riffs with upbeat synth rhythms. Starting off with a dreamy arpeggio that cruises over a warm solid synth-line, the track moves into a breakdown punctuated with a female speech that floats in and out of the track, and a bubbly melodic overtone that refuses to go away long after the track's finished. Nice synth stabs take the groove on its way to the second breakdown, where string arrangements, a breakbeat rhythm, and an emotional comeback lush elevates the track to its epic status.

Tkac and Haverlik's remix on the flip is a deeper excursion reminiscent of the Bedrock sound of 2000/2001. The vocal effects and overtones are subdued here, as spacey sounds in the background lend an atmospheric feel to the track. The bassline comes to life with analogue stabs providing a rolling effect throughout the track. A good remix overall and would work well in a deep progressive set.

A) Illegally Blind Mix
AA) Tkac & Haverlik Remix

Central Rush - Out of Focus


Method Records




January 9 2004


April 16, 2004 at 12:44 AM CEST



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