EQ presents Shades Of Gray mixed by Jono Fernandez

One of the most daring Australian djs, Jono Fernandez started his work in music at the age of 15. His collaboration with Anthony Pappa was evidently a success, getting in the music business at Zero Tolerance Australian label in 2001. Last year he released a massive single called "Colors of Conscience" on Electrofly Records (U.K.). "EQ presents Shades Of Gray" is the Ministry Magazine Australia cover mount CD for February issue. EQ Recordings is a division of Stomp Pty Ltd, one of Australia's leading independent distributors of electronic music. The mix by EQ label artist Jono Fernandez showcases the EQ [grey] & EQ [grey] Ltd back catalogue and forthcoming releases. Jono Fernandez' skills are clearly shown on this album, being one of his best achievements as a producer and dj.

The mix is opening with a massive progressive track with a powerful rhythm, "Junkbeats pres. 20 for 7 feat. Brooke Lindsay - Supple", followed by "Junkbeats pres. Kriece & Basek - Ola Dub". These two tracks remind me of James Zabiela's manner to choose his singles for a powerful set. No melody, just simply dark and furious effects transposed on a sick tune. The mix continues with a somber progressive track and then the Break-beat remix of it, "Unplug feat. Mutabaruka - Time Unlimited". The breaks edit is more surprising and it sounds better than the original track, but both of them can be taken as a one of a kind vinyl. Coming up next, a very beautiful breaks single, which I personally love it, "Steve May - Open Day (unreleased breaks mix)" mixed with the acapella version of "Scrambler feat. Amarevois – Free". The vocals of "Scrambler feat. Amarevois – Free" are amazing, a complicated melodic line with deep and memorable lyrics. The track list keeps ahead the break-beat genre with "Elite Force - Curveball (re-rub)". It may safely be said that this is a mad and shaking track which will enchant your ears from the beginning till the end. Next, Jono Fernandez is showcasing with his new release "Monkey Business", a noisy and strong break-beat track, with dark and big infusions of different and driving synths. The piano featured on the tune gives different interpretations of the track, the listener being introduced into a new melody dimension. The original mix of "George Jung - Get Together" is continuing the mix, taking a different way, in the prog style once again. Through its artlessness, the track gives a good aspect of the entire mix, but I just can't get in a good mood when I'm listening to this track. It is pessimist and dark enough to produce negative experiences of comprehension and perception. An excellent track is next on the tracklist of the mix: Lemon8 'Lights On' mix of "North Atlantic - Lights Out". With little tribals, the track surprised me and even liked me. A nice progressive, quite simple, but very shaking – good choice, Jono. The summer feeling, those amazing night parties, with lots of beer and many watts, covers the next track, "Jeff Bennett - Undivided Cycles". A smooth track, with deep elements of melody, the perfect way to get in a good mood. The album finishes with an excellent track, "Monkey Island - Feels Strange (Chus & Ceballos mix)", which closes the CD. A nice and powerful rhythm is combined with nice strings and some funny synth, anyway, that's a good track not only for the club lovers but also for the progressive house maniacs.

It is not enough to listen just once the album to make an impression, because you might be wrong. I've listened to it several times and I haven't decided yet of the quality of the album. No doubt, Jono Fernandez has shown his best skill on this CD and, as it sounds, I can also say: just a new miraculous star on the full of stars blue sky. A positive and a wholesome album not only for prog house and breaks lovers but also for the entire clubbing culture and phenomena.

1. Junkbeats presents 20 for 7 feat. Brook Lindsay - "Supple"
2. Junkbeats presents Kriece & Basek - "Ola Dub"
3. Un:Plug feat. Mutabaruka - "Time Unlimited" (original)
4. Un:Plug feat. Mutabaruka - "Time Unlimited" (Ortus Breaks mix)
5. Steve May - "Open Day" (unreleased breaks mix) and Scrambler feat. Amarevois - "Free" (acapella)
6. Elite Force - "Curveball" (re-rub)
7. Jono Fernandez - "Monkey Business" (original)
8. George Jung - "Get Together" (original)
9. North Atlantic - "Lights Out" (Lemon 8 'Lights On' mix)
10. Jeff Bennett - "Undivided Cycles"
11. Monkey Island - "Feels Strange" (Chus & Ceballos mix)

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EQ presents Shades Of Gray mixed by Jono Fernandez





February 14 2004


April 5, 2004 at 11:36 AM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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