Perfecto Presents: Sandra Collins

Sandra Collins, one of the best American progressive house and trance djs, is a name that needs no introduction. Having dj'ed in a Coca-Cola commercial and graced the cover of XLR8R magazine, she has been featured in URB, Option, Jump, BPM, Mixmag and UHF magazines. She imposed with "the exploration of unexploited", her purpose being that of bringing to the listeners powerful grooves for the body and an elevating experience of the mind. Sandra's skill has been proven in her shows mixing alongside greats such as Sasha, Carl Cox, Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Paul van Dyk etc.

The double album was launched on Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto label on February 3rd, this year.
The first CD starts with a very fine intro, "Reshurc", a single from Junkie XL's new album "Radio JXL - a broadcast from the computer hell cabin". The intro is very pleasant and hypnotic, it makes the listener to enter the atmosphere in a tension hard to reproduce. Soon after, the mix really starts with a powerful track "U&K – Atmosphere". There are featured two break-downs here, with chill elements, which keep ahead the audience's attention. In a perfect fading is coming the third track, signed by Steve Porter, "Agent 001-Bubble Bath (Martin Accorsi Remix)". This single really attracted me through its deep melody and profound bass line. A cold track, which made me freeze, but which sounds so damn well. I was really astonished by this remix, as I knew that Porter's style is more dynamic and dark. "My friend is the mirror reflection of me" – very suggestive and interesting lyrics of the "Rhythm Unlimited – Reflections (Flash Brothers remix)". The track is included also on "Fear of A Silver Planet" album mixed by the three producers from Israel. The track is based on a female voice, which speaks into a personal manner about her experiences, and including deep synths, the entire song sounds very nice. Moby is an artist well-known on the electronic music scene and it's one of the fathers of electronic sounds. The "Slackers Rain Before Carnival Remix" of Moby's "In This World" changes the tone of the album in vivacity and dynamics – the mix goes somewhere in the original house mood. The next track contains also a house rhythm, and this change the entire way of playing. Lee Cabrera's Unreleased Dub of "Layo & Bushwacka! - It's Up To You" gives the party feeling, the emotion of a dement sound, mixed with the sick and full of (d)effect voice – I don't want to be rude, but this track is not my kind. If we step forward, we find the new track signed Avedon – "Flux". A dark and somber track, pessimist enough and with a rhythm repetitive and obsessive – but I don't deny the quality of this track. Coming up next, in a simple but very well fading is one of the tracks which I liked most – The Greek's remix of "G-Pal presents. Ghos - No Other Man". George Pallikaris, aka G-Pal, really breaks the market with his single "No Other Man". He defined his style as progressive-techno-house and now he is recognized as one of the best djs and producers worldwide. The Greek really made a good job remixing G-Pal's single, because he introduced a very profound, sensitive and emotional melody. The next track is a success from Planet Funk, being very inspired on choosing a single to remix – "Kosheen-All In My Head". The original sound does not really enchanted my ears, but it seems that Planet Funk made a good work from the song-playful as a kitten. Next, the mix gets lost in less melody, with tracks as "Voyager – Cosmic Fugue" and "Curve - Cold Comfort (Attention Deficit's In Focus Dub)". The last track from the first cd turns off all sick and aggressive bass lines and house elements. Excellent chill with progressive elements, "Beber & Tamara - Traveling On (Gabriel & Dresden Campfire Remix)" is just a simple night melody with a warm rhythm.

For the second CD, "The Trance Goddess", as she was called by the fans, prepared a new alignment of deep melody and new experiences. It is the CD that pleased me mostly. The mix starts with an intro too, build up on tension and terror elements in contrast with warm sounds; it can be distinguished also the vocal from Motorcycle – As the Rush Comes. Then, the intro gets lost in the theme of the mix and starts a new successful track, "Saiko-Pod - Phutures (Atmos Remix)" something between progressive and breaks, or maybe both. A deaf and continuous string covers the entire surface of the track, excepting the break-down. Nice and well built song, offering multiple perspectives of perception. In a daring and well fading enters "Will Saul - Cliff (Infusion Remix)". I'm very surprised by the ascension of those three Australian djs from Infusion and in my opinion they are doing a good job and have a word to say in the dance music scene. Their remix has a moody bass line, with a few kinds of voices and a repetitive rhythm. Nice track, changing the atmosphere again, going into a terror trance; and this job is continued by the Humate remix of "Camouflage - Me and You". The tech trancer Humate gives once again through his remix a profound melody and deepness, with a mashed up voice. The rework of R.E.M., Sydney's "Loosing My Religion" is an amazing track which keeps the listener into the fascinating atmosphere. The well known track "Quest vs. The Dirty Fours - Bass Trap" is present on this album too, offering new joy to the audience. I could say that Sandra was in a very inspired moment when choosing this track for the headline of the album. The Rolasoul's new single "Desire" bring new dimensions of melody and sound, a successful progressive track with strings and vocals and a long and full meaning break down. I was out of words when I first listened to the "Avedon and Stig – Spite" track. Very simple and with a bass line suggestive and obsessive. Another successful remix is coming from the Infusion project, "Transformer 2 - Just Can't Get Enough (Infusion Remix)", which rise up the temper of the listener. And again Voyager is included on this CD too, but this time the track sounds much better, it can be translated as a perfect rhythm with a powerful kick and bass. At the end, the joy is again in our souls, as we can listen the BT's sound. "BT - The Great Escape (Attention Deficit's Freewill Remix)" is the track that closes the entire compilation mixed. Beautiful track, with some superb vocals!

Well, that's it guys with the new album from Sandra Collins, a name which means a lot for the dance music industry. This double mix is the proof. The proof that, no matter how hard you work, no matter how ugly or beautiful you are, if you really desire to be on top, there is a place there for you, too.

Disc One:

1. Junkie XL - Reshurc
2. U&K - Atmosphere
3. Agent 001 - Bubble Bath (Martin Accorsi Remix)
4. Rhythm Unlimited - Reflections (Flash Brothers Remix)
5. Moby - In This World (Slacker's Rain Before Carnival Remix)
6. Layo & Bushwacka! - It's Up To You (Lee Cabrera Unreleased Dub)
7. Avedon - Flux
8. G-Pal Presents Ghos - No Other Man (The Greek's Remix)
9. Kosheen - All In My Head (Planet Funk Remix)
10. Voyager - Cosmic Fugue
11. Curve - Cold Comfort (Attention Deficit's In Focus Dub)
12. Beber & Tamra - Traveling On (Gabriel & Dresden Campfire Remix)

Disc Two:

1. Intro
2. Saiko Pod - Phutures (Atmos Remix)
3. Will Saul - Cliff (Infusion Remix)
4. Camouflage - Me And You (Humate Remix)
5. Sydney - Losing My Religion (Humate Remix)
6. Quest Vs. The Dirty Fours - Bass Trap
7. Rolasoul - Desire
8. Avedon And Stig - Spite
9. Transformer 2 - Just Can't Get Enough (Infusion Remix)
10. Voyager - Spectacle
11. BT - The Great Escape (Attention Defecit's Freewill Remix)

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Perfecto Presents: Sandra Collins


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February 3 2004


March 31, 2004 at 11:37 AM CEST


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