Flash Brothers - Ways

"No Oldies, No 70s Disco, No Pop, No House, No Radio Rips. Only the best in Upfront Trance", they quoted. And it's quite true, because we don't find deep elements of progressive house on this vinyl. The Original Mix was also included on their album, "Fear of A Silver Planet", an excellent CD in my opinion.

The producers offer to the listener the choice of a personal interpretation of the song, there are many "ways" of translation. I was impressed by the lyrics of the track, not to mention the female voice.

The Original Mix has an uncommon calm, very profound and warm. I personally perceived the track as being rather sad, this sensation being given not only by the theme but also by the entire sound. The single contains some break-beat elements, very well mixed with the progressive rhythm. The break-downs are long and frequent, giving to the track a chill-out tone. The sounds are composed by a low tone, somber, in contrast with the delicate and dizzy voice, which gives to the listener deep emotions. The topic of the track, as the melodic line too, awake amounts of denying the reality and introduce the listener in a sleepy and sad world, full of significances.

The Chris Salt Remix is a break-beat track with many chill-out elements and keeps the balance of sadness and somber from the original mix. There are also a few audacious and lively beats and synths. A new melodic line is appearing, and the clarity of the voice is annihilated by a discreet echo. The track has an optimistic tint and a strongly comprehension of reality. It is quite hard to decode the sense of the entire track, because the sounds are confounding each other, are appearing and disappearing, are the mirror reflection of different experiences. Anyway, the track is a success and seems more likely than the original version.

A: Original Mix
B: Chris Salt Remix

Flash Brothers - Ways


Silver Planet




April 13 2004


March 30, 2004 at 3:13 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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