Chab - My Memory

Released on Satoshi Tomiie Saw Recordings' label, this vinyl has roll out the red carpet in the dj's world and the track started to be immediately included on the sets.

The vinyl is made by two mixes apparently total different. The Original Mix is a tough progressive, with dark sounds and tribals, being included also a male vocal very suggestive and mature. The obsessive and hypnotic rhythm is very dynamic, equally mature and simple enough. Being transposed on some synths both brutal and delicate, the track represents a success for the lovers of somber, mature and tough progressive.

It is another story with the Romania Edit. Being included, as far back as the vinyl was released, on Sander Kleinenberg's compilation "Renaissance", the track quickly became a successful hit. It contains much more melody, is more lively, more opened and more optimist. The vocal is very pleasant, being very well inlaid on the melodic line, and I think this is the trump of the single. The bass along with the synths are composed in a proper manner, giving a tint of house to the track. The strings are more softly, dotted with some short synths, which are falling one by one onto the melodic line. The track injects life into deep memories, elevates, is dewy, it sends to classic melody, to a kind of nostalgia. Chab's emotional memory is very well drawn up on this release; probably that's why he called it "My Memory".

A: Original Mix
B: Romania Edit

Chab - My Memory


Saw Recordings


SAW 28


February 24 2004


March 30, 2004 at 3:07 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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