Steve Porter & Chris Reavey - Oyster Crackers & Alphabet Soup

Steve Porter discovered electronic sounds at the age of sixteen and even if it seems unusual, he was initiated in producing and mixing by his mother. Born in New York and today living in Boston, Steve became nowadays, with support from Sasha, Sander Kleinenberg and Chris Fortier, one of the front-rank djs in the progressive house and techno. With above 20 remixes in his track record and projects as Agent 001, Steve Porter leads the road of new American stars.

His collaboration with Chris Reavey was very efficacious. Oyster Crackers is a massive track and makes the pass from the progressive house through techno. An anger track, with no elements of melody, which completely lack the melodiousness. Enough dark and aggressive, the track seems to be made up only by a few elements: kick, bass and a few bizarre sounds, which aligned, confer the rhythm. It contains lots of tribals and effects which give the impression of a cold track, whit less sentimental load and meaning. The elements are repeating all over the track and have a hypnotic effect. There are also some influences from the break-beat sphere and tribal house. I think "Oyster Crackers" is appreciated for the insane and constant rhythm, because the track can be very well played at a noisy night party.

The other track resulting from the collaboration between Porter and Reavey is called Alphabet Soup, a really mad work of art. The track starts all at once with a powerful kick, gradually being introduced a few synths and a pretty bass. It seems rather domestic, it goes somewhere into the house style. Totally un-commercial, the track gets distinguished however through its force of "training the body" and makes it shake. As the title suggests, the single wants to be an initiation in the house music. With an un-conformably rhythm, "Alphabet Soup" impose itself on the house music scene, enjoying a huge response not only from the worldwide djs but also from the masses. It doesn't differ too much from the other track, just that on a more carefully analyze can be observed some tints of melody. So, don't rush to baste the track, because you might be wrong.

A: Oyster Crackers
B: Alphabeat Soup

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Steve Porter & Chris Reavey - Oyster Crackers & Alphabet Soup


Fade Records


FD 037


January 3 2004


March 30, 2004 at 2:59 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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