Matthew Dekay & Alfredo - Symbiosis

Alternative Route really enchanted our ears with this new vinyl, "Symbiosis" by Matthew Dekay and his partner Alfredo, this track has been receiving a huge support from worldwide djs, not to mention that Sander Kleinenberg and Hernan Cattaneo both included it in their recent Renaissance CD's.
The title of the vinyl suggests a meditation topic; on many plans, the essential is the association between two "things" apparently different; in Matthew Dekay's case it seems that it is about the association of the themes which are composing the track.

The Original Mix starts with a deafly kick which gets lost in those tribals. The rhythm is quite abstract in the first half of the track, little dark, hypnotic and simply enough. The synths are welcomed, because it adds a certain resonance to the track, it gives it color and significance. The melodic line is simple and suggestive and is disappearing step by step, being substituted (in the second half of the track) by a bassline much brutal, much rough but also much lively, much playful, which carry on until the end of the track. Sincerely, my aesthetic sense is quite disappointed because there is no vocal during the entire track.

The Herbal Dub is more exhilarating, more vivacious and is surprised by a melodic line more alive, but as much simple as the first. New synths are emerging but, unfortunately, not all are welcomed by the rhythm and the theme of the track.

I would say that the Original Mix, through its entire simplicity is more booming, I personally like it more.

1. Original Mix
2. Herbal Dub

Matthew Dekay & Alfredo - Symbiosis


Alternative Route




March 18 2004


March 29, 2004 at 2:21 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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