Invisible Inc. - Stars

Invisible Inc is Barry Jamieson, recently Grammy nominated artist, best known for his works as one half of Evolution. London based label, Sumsonic, well known for its quality underground and deep progressive house releases delivers once again an excellent vinyl from all points of view! When I've listened for the first time, I remained thunder – stricken and I rewinded for several times. I haven't decided yet about which version seems to be more successful; it depends on anyone's conception. I would opt for the Original Mix.

The title is very well chosen, very suggestive and has its correspondent in the melody of the track.
Original version covers a multitude of profound significances, which we seldom meet at the progressive style. The track can be listened more as a chill-out than as a progressive house. The kick combined with the bass is enough dynamic, paralleled with the melodic line very slow, which personally makes me tremble.
The melodic line is composed from a deaf string, very profound and some synths similarly to the piano, which falls into a trance, like stars. The half of the track interferes with a break-down which calm everything, sends to dream. The track is an mind and soul opening to the sky full of stars; it's impossible not to fall in love of it.

The Inc. Vs Rogers remix on the flip starts in force; it is more dynamic, holding over in a certain way the calm from the original track. The same melodic line is now transposed on other rhythm more dynamic and bright. New synths are introduced, which bring the track in the progressive house sphere. The breakdown is quite short, after that continuing the obsessive rhythm. The sounds are more complicated, the variations calmly - brutally are more evidently.

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Invisible Inc. - Stars






February 2004


March 29, 2004 at 2:07 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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