Flash Brothers - Fear Of A Silver Planet 2

Flash Brothers, Ruven, Ilan and Shmuel Flaishler, are the pioneers of the Israeli progressive scene, with a string of hot productions and remixes, playing also their special live act and dj set across Israel and around the globe, in countries like U.K., Sweden, Holland, Hungary, Romania and a lot more. With this CD compilation, the groundbreaking U.K. label Silver Planet celebrates its 50th release, the second volume of 'Fear of a Silver Planet' and the first mix CD of Flash Brothers, after the success of the first 'Fear of a Silver Planet', mixed by James Holden.

The album starts with brief Silvered Intro, quickly followed by the 'Deep Mix' of 'In Deep' by Chimera, a song that gives you trembles with its deep bassline, lasting more than 8 minutes and setting the dark atmosphere for the rest of the mix. Smoothly enters the first original production by Flash Brothers on this CD, their latest single on Silver Planet, called 'Ways'. The tune is brining a little melody above the darkness, still maintaining the profound vibe from the beginning tough, featuring some evocative female vocals. Following is the trio's remix of 'Reflections' by 'Rhythm Unlimited' which is changing the pitch up a bit, the friend's story who's loosing his mind, the girl in the song repeating it until it drives you insane. James Holden's mix of the 'Better Make Room' by Mad Dogs is a great rework of one of the classics here on Silver Planet, a driving rhythm that provides you an uplifting feeling. The shadow of Yunus Guvenen, Indigo Child is up next with the B side of his latest 'Head first EP' on Silver Planet, called 'Take A Breath Of You', the other side being featured later on the mix, it's ghostly strings and synths are supporting a dynamic melody line. Flash Brothers are making the transition to the fine cheerful breaks track 'Guten Tag' by Ian Wilkie using the 'Reflections (unreleased accapella)', moving towards to another original track, 'The Flight' which brings the deep ambiance on and thing are sliding down to one of the highlights of the CD, the Lemon 8 remix of 'Take Me Down' by Main Element feat Kyla. Wonderful vocals are backing up the strong trancey style synths, the breakdown of this song making the higher touch of the mix. Suddenly that ends to the gloomy beats of the 'Red Pilot' by Yunus Guvenen, which drives you straight to the second amazing tune from the 'Head first EP' by Indigo Child, 'Underwater'. The brothers end the mix with another stunning production called the 'The Call' in the same style they started, deep, dark and moody.

The trio compiled an accurate deep progressive album, putting together some of their most recent productions and the label's past, current and future splendor, succeeding to a mystifying and melodic mixture of tunes to reflect their pioneering act on the dance music.

1. Flash Brothers – Silvered Intro
2. Chimera – In Deep (Deep Mix)
3. Flash Brothers – Ways
4. Rhythm Unlimited – Reflections (Flash Bros Mix)
5. Timo Maas Presents Mad Dogs – Better Make Room (James Holden Mix)
6. Indigo Child – Take A Breath Of You
7. Rhythm Unlimited – Reflections (unreleased accapella)
8. Ian Wilkie – Guten Tag
9. Flash Brothers – The Flight
10. Main Element feat Kyla – Take Me Down (lemon8 mix)
11. Yunus Guvenen – Red Pilot
12. Flash Brothers – Ways (unreleased acapella mix)
13. Indigo Child – Underwater
14. Flash Brothers – The Call
15. Flash Brother - Silvered Outro

Flash Brothers - Fear Of A Silver Planet 2


Silver Planet




January 05 2004


March 17, 2004 at 12:01 AM CET


Andrei Rusu

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