Matthew Dekay - Higher Thoughts

The track is what we call a wonder that enchant our souls at the first listening. The title is very suggestive, it takes us to another dimension of living, it deletes the bread and butter, from our souls. When I first heard the song it was as I was feeling that stream of consciousness, so used in the literature too.

The original mix is that delighted me most. "Higher Thoughts" impressed me by his deep and recessed melody which gets lost in audacious beats. There is a contrast between the melodic which invite you to a profound sleep and the obsessive rhythm that awakes you.
A funny piano, playful and wanton intended to charm your ears is very well combined with a perfect alignment of kicks and basses. The song gives the impression of authenticity, profundity, infinity (it's like for seven minutes the time stops); it awakes some unexploited senses of the mind and soul. The guitar sound perfectly combined with the string goes to dreaminess, contemplation with eyes open. There is a rain of emotional experiences which are metamorphosing, passing subtle and gradual through sadness, anxiety, even fear, to a optimistic exultation, rejoice, which regenerates. You feel an amalgam of sensations and emotions.

The best thing of this track is that it associates the routine with the lyrical living, the emotion. Listening to this track seems to be a process of moral purification. The song catches so many sensations, going straight to your soul. Once you hear it and understand it, there is no way you can escape.
A remix shouldn't be considered a process of mimicry, because in a personal manner the remix must get its own identity and personality. The elements used by Steve Porter are original; he has his own "treatment" of the tracks. In my opinion (and if it's wrong I beg you sorry) there is a little damage on the theme approached. The difference between these two versions of the track is quite big. The Steve Porter remix is just a part of the original track. The accent is putted on the rhythm and on that funky piano, which steal you from the real world into a new one, based on imagination and experience. There are different sensations, and the melody is a little lost in the rhythm. But, finally, it sounds ok, comparatively with the original mix.

If you want a piece of bangin' music in your record box, this is the 12" you should get your hands on!

1. Original
2. Steve Porter remix

Matthew Dekay - Higher Thoughts


Little Mountain




January 23rd 2004


March 12, 2004 at 12:13 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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